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  1. I agree this is scary. I've been on the fence about it myself. I have emailed a few and briefly introduced myself, my research interests and what I do in a clinical manner. I make it short and sweet, some PI's appreciate this and some don't, it really depends. Don't be bummed out if they don't answer because they must be getting 1000 emails. ALSO, something my advisor had told me: the communication you have with the PI could tell you if you would like to work with them or not. If the response is cold, that should tell you something about their mentorship style as well...
  2. It honestly depends on the program. I would say you can mention research experience briefly if you have any. I think minimal research experience is fine as I have seen applicants being accepted with minimal research on their hands.
  3. Hello everyone, My GRE test date is in 3 weeks and I'm still doing super poorly so anxious! I'm really betting on my GPA, personal statement, and letters of recommendations to get me through this.
  4. I currently have a list of around 8 that I am highly interested in. I suppose I should look for more due to competitive nature of these programs.
  5. I appreciate your support!! Yes I am aware but the programs I have my eye on (NY-based) havent yet said anything about the GRE's besides CUNY. Waiting on them!!
  6. Both! It was a combined degree program.
  7. Does already having a MA in psychology look better than low GRE scores? Just wondering, I never had to take the GRE and I graduated with a BA and MA due to my GPA and work with professors. I have a 3.9 GPA overall. I'm not being pessimistic but I know my scores won't be competitive enough. Any thoughts??
  8. GRE prepping is going terrible so far, I only plan on taking it once and having hope that other factors of my application will prevail. I haven't started writing my personal statements yet but I do have an idea of what it will entail. Has anyone else's mental health been going down the drain this cycle? Yes, its early but I feel so overwhelmed by the whole pandemic and the stress of school!!!
  9. This made me feel so much better!!!
  10. Is anyone else doing HORRIBLE at GRE practice tests?? I'm going to take the GRE in a month and I'm still scoring super low. Anyone else feeling super bummed out??
  11. Quant is rough... Verbal is rough too but not as crazy as quant... I've been scoring so low on practice exams ugh.
  12. I haven't taken it yet but I'm hearing a lot of people having mixed experiences. I know theres a lot of issues surrounding Proctor U and at times internet inconsistencies. I myself am wondering whether I should take it at home... Hopefully this goes well for you!
  13. I feel so anxious for this cycle personally. This is my first time applying and I am preparing for those rejections. I'm extremely stressed for the GRE's. I've stated before that I'm a really bad test-taker. I'm sure everyone is nervous. Who else can relate??
  14. Exactly. I'm really concerned about this because the closest "open" GRE center by me is 5 hours away and I can't do the take home test due to internet inconsistencies. I just think school's shouldn't consider even looking at GRE's this cycle at all due to the current ongoing pandemic affecting the whole nation differently. GRE testing being "optional" is also so annoying because of the bias that exists between an applicant that has submitted their scores vs. the applicant that didn't...
  15. I'd say it depends on the program you are applying to and reach out to admissions for each school to inform them about the GRE crisis and explain your situation. Everyone should be aware that this crisis was unprecedented and has caused many people stress... I'm at the same place but with the general GRE's. Waiting until September to see what happens!
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