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  1. Anyone accepted an offer to Adelphi PhD? Would love to connect, PM me
  2. I'm not sure if anyone else is having this issue today, but I'm trying to access the results page and I am unable to because it gives me some privacy error message and saying that attackers from this site are trying to steal my information... spooked out.
  3. I'm in touch with a student there and she told me that if you haven't heard from them, don't worry as they tend to send their invites sporadically
  4. I agree with this. I also wanted to say; be KIND to yourself and others in this process. We're going through this in a global pandemic and we are resilient enough to even apply for these programs. Its my first cycle and I cannot stress how obsessive and self-sabotaging I have become and I am sure you guys can relate. I'm just being mindful of my own emotions and praying for the best out of this hell of a situation. Our time will come
  5. I am assuming maybe by this week or beginning of Feb
  6. I'm pretty sure those were trolls as the deadline was Jan 1st and there is no way someone can receive an invite 7 days later...
  7. Has anyone heard anything from John Jay yet? The CUDCP indicates today being the interview notification deadline...
  8. Anyone else who has primarily applied to East Coast schools and haven't heard a word yet? My anxiety has been so worse lately. Praying for all of us!!
  9. I FEEL this! I have not heard back from a single school yet. I applied to schools primarily on the east coast and have assumed rejection from 3. I have a tiny light of hope on the remaining schools that have not sent out interview invites yet. We got this!! I can't help but feel super sad but lets hang on!
  10. Does anyone know if Montclair U is done sending their interview invites? I have seen a few receive their invites but my application portal still says "awaiting decision" I'm very curious as to what this means... Will they be sending more invites later or they string you along and then reject you?
  11. Congrats to everyone receiving early interviews! I can't help but consistently check the page for any of the schools I've applied to and not receiving interviews yet I feel like I am being harsh on myself but ughh I'm so anxious!!
  12. I'm glad this thread was made. As a first-time applicant, I am super anxious and I keep checking my emails like crazy. I really need to shift my energy into some comfort Netflix series or even continue with research. Best of luck to all!!
  13. Thank you! I went to a community college which my credits transferred to at my undergrad institution, It's a mess sending two transcripts to every school
  14. Someone please help solve my confusion. For applications that use PSYCAS, we don't have to mail schools our transcripts right because PSYCAS sends them? For schools who do not use PSYCAS, the ones that have their own application systems, how do we send the official transcripts? I notice that they ask to upload unofficial ones on the application but I'm guessing they also require the official ones sent.... Sorry this might be a no brainer question but this whole process is so overwhelming!!
  15. Hey guys, this might be a dumb question, but why not? Is it safe to submit on the deadline of programs, Dec 1 or is it smart to submit beforehand. It's my first time and I'm kind of in a rut here.
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