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  1. I saw a Suffolk poster say that they got an email telling them to check the portal for a rejection letter. I know interview invites were sent out last week. There is nothing on my portal (no rejection, no interview invite). Does anyone have any insight on what this might mean?
  2. wondering the same. I emailed RF a week ago and haven't heard back! let me know if you hear anything...
  3. Right! It is so frustrating..... I wish I had the courage to say something! I could really use that $100 (or whatever it was) right about now for interview travel expenses!
  4. Anyone have any updates on American U? If you applied to PI: NC, can you message me? Thanks!
  5. I would also love to know the American poster's PI! Thanks so much
  6. Posted 5 minutes ago Hi! I'd also like to know about Suffolk, please Same!
  7. Wondering this too. I am so impatient... considering asking the DCT when we should expect to hear...
  8. Is this for their Counseling or Clinical Ph.D. program? Thanks!
  9. wondering this too about Rutger's Clinical Psychology Ph.D. program!
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