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  1. Thanks for the responses! I will add some context that may or may not change the advice that y'all have given. I have been working as an RA for the past 2 years and was a volunteer RA in undergrad for ~2.5 years; however, my undergrad GPA is ~3.0. SDSU seems like a great program but is in roughly the same field that I've been getting experience in for the last ~4 years, whereas the schools in NY would present me with an opportunity to gain research experience in a different field (one that I would eventually like to pursue for a PhD) that I only have clinical experience in. In terms of c
  2. Hi Everyone, just wanted to start a thread where people can ask for opinions about psychology masters programs they are considering. Since most of these programs are unfunded and they all claim to prepare you for admission to PhD programs, I was hoping that former students / anyone that has knowledge of these programs can provide some insight on several topics: How much is the tuition? Is there funding available? Are you matched with a faculty mentor or are you admitted to the program generally? What was the quality of the research experience offered? Quality of the cla
  3. I asked about the support system / resources that students can take advantage of if they need help. Students in the clinical program face the unique problem of not really being able to use on-campus services because your peers / mentors may be working there. Other things I heard being asked were related to internship/externship opportunities, funding, healthcare, and the career outcomes of previous students.
  4. Congrats! He seems like he would be a great mentor. I applied and didn't make the cut but am wishing you the best
  5. From my understanding you'll receive an offer if the top choice applicant and those who are ahead of you on the waitlist for your specific POI (if any) turn down the offer. Programs/PIs *should* tell you whether you are either high on the waitlist, in the middle, or low on the waitlist but I don't think they're obligated to disclose your exact place on the waitlist. Good luck!!
  6. Unfortunately, if you didn't interview, you will most likely be receiving a rejection at some point. Most schools seem to send out acceptances and rejections at the same time, so it could be the case that some POIs have already identified the applicant(s) they want while others are still deciding. There is always the unlikely chance that they review applications again after the interviews for whatever reason😀 Specifically for Fordham - did you check the box to have your application reviewed for their Masters program if you weren't selected for the PhD program? I also didn't get my reject
  7. Thank you! It's good to hear that (some) programs give you plenty of time to decide. I was originally worried that I may not hear back about the masters until after the april 15 deadline for PhD programs.
  8. Does anyone know when we might hear back from Fordham if we didn't receive an interview invite but indicated that we wanted our application to be considered for their MS in clinical research methods?
  9. Does anyone know if all of the UNC Chapel Hill invites have gone out? I saw on the CUDCP calendar that the deadline for interview notification was the 15th but I didn't see any posts on the results page. I'm assuming it's not good news that I haven't heard
  10. That's an interesting idea - for some reason I thought programs wouldn't be upfront about not considering international students. I'll give it a try, thanks!
  11. Thanks for the info - I figured it would probably vary depending on the program / applicant but it's encouraging to hear that the programs I'm looking at seem to be more willing to accept international students.
  12. Ah, I see. Thanks for the info! Can anyone speak to how much harder (on average) it is for international students to get accepted to a program in Canada compared to Canadian students or obstacles that are specific to international students? I know that for PhDs in the US there might be limited slots allotted for international students depending on the the type of program.
  13. Hi Everyone, American student here mainly applying to programs in the U.S. but also interested in a couple of Canadian programs (UBC and Queens). From the limited research that I've done, most of the funding opportunities in Canada are restricted to Canadian students or international students that are already enrolled in a graduate program. I was wondering if anyone knows of scholarships or fellowships that prospective international students can apply for without already being accepted into a graduate program (something similar to the NSF GRFP that we have here in the U.S.). Hopefully the
  14. One thing to be careful of when using the test prep books is to ignore the information regarding how the test is scored. Almost every test prep book I used said that there is a 1/4 point penalty for wrong answers (similar to the SAT, at least when I took it) when in fact there is no penalty so you might as well complete every question. I found that the information in the Kaplan book was pretty good and the practice tests were helpful for getting the timing down. ETS also has an official practice test on their website but I would recommend saving this until about 2 weeks before you exam date to
  15. Like others have said, you may want to retake the test if you are able to do so. A lot of clinical psych programs don't require it but if you're applying to one that does, you might want to check the admissions statistics for their previous incoming classes to get a feeling of what scores you should be aiming for. As for study materials, I used the Princeton Review book (don't recommend, uses DSM 4), Kaplan book (better), and a random intro psychology textbook I rented from amazon. I also used the flashcards someone else made on Quizlet (just search GRE Psych), watched the Crash Course Ps
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