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  1. Hi, I'm reapplying to Clinical & Neuropsychological programs this year! I had a few interviews in 2019 but nothing panned out, so I decided to get a Master's from a program that will really boost my clinical and research experiences. I made some great friends on here last time, so hoping to do the same now!! Good luck everybody
  2. Be wary if you're pursuing Neuropsychology like myself. Funding package aside, the cohort size concerns me and the work that neuropsychologists do in the Amen Clinics are equally concerning as well. For those reasons, I decided not to apply.
  3. I am getting my MA from SIUE and I love it! Full disclosure, I am in the adult program, but the child program is great too. Most of us are fully funded + complete a yearlong clinical practice and thesis.
  4. I'm excited! I applied last time and did not get in despite having several interviews, but I did enter a fully funded masters program with a clinical practicum. Because of that, I feel much better prepared this time. Still stressed as hell, but feeling a bit more at ease nonetheless.
  5. This is...concerning, to say the least, especially given the number of programs I'm applying to. Wouldn't mind a DM sharing the name of the school
  6. Hi! Sorry for the late reply. As for my GRE, I know my math is lowish, but for me it is probably the best score I can possibly get. I did get A's in all of my college math courses including Alg, Calc, Inferential Statistics, and Psychological Statistics, which my interviewers seemed to care about more (I can't speak for all programs, but this was a big relief for me). As for my research experience, I have first/co-authored/published/presented multiple papers, and did data entry and project analysis for an Ivy League school last summer (I honestly felt like my presentations helped mo
  7. This is super helpful, thanks! I think that I was getting sucked in to the temptation to read every little detail
  8. Wait, are we interviewing at the same program?! It would be nice to see a friendly face lol.
  9. Hey, y'all I'm having problems coming up with some questions based off of my PI's research (the place I'm interviewing at doesn't adhere to a strict mentorship model, but I want to at least show that I read their stuff). I am interested in the research they have put out, but I'm having problems coming up with specific questions. My interview is on Saturday. Does anyone have any advice for this? I want to make sure that I make a good impression. Thanks!
  10. Thanks for this! I almost always say that I "really enjoy" or "am passionate about" in an interview setting. However, I say "love" a lot in day to day life which is why I typed it, lol
  11. You could try and tie it back to a mentor relationship that you enjoyed For example, I have a very communicative and interactive relationship with my research mentor in undergrad. If a prof said they have a similar style, you could say something like "I really enjoy that mentoring style. I have a similar relationship with my current research mentor, and I really feel like I do my best work in an environment such as the one you described" I also really love to say that I LOVE learning (which I do!). This also highlights the fact that you would take critical feedback well, etc.
  12. This was so incredibly helpful! You are a godsend
  13. Hi y'all...anxiety post here I have my first (and only) PhD interview this week. It is at my top program, and it is my only chance this year to get into a PhD program.I have an interview at a Master's program that I also like, but I would love to jump straight into PhD. I love absolutely everything about the program and I truly believe I am a great fit for them (i'm really not just saying that!). However, that doesn't change the fact that I am nervous as HELL. I am less nervous for the interview (because I feel like I have mock interviewed enough to at least having a basic idea of h
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