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  1. I heard back on 2/5 but I applied to work with a different PI. Haven’t heard anyone mention EK though, so hopefully you’ll hear back soon! Best of luck! ❤️
  2. This was my post! I received notification of acceptance from a staff member and a signed letter from the grad director of psych. I did not hear directly from the DCT nor my POI (yet). I also got a notification that my application status has been updated. I hope this helps! When I have formally accepted the offer, I will mention my POI's initials.
  3. Same here. I was about to post about it in here but saw these posts! Hopefully GC fixes the error soon.
  4. I don’t necessarily have a strong opinion, but Towson seemed like a good program when I interviewed there last year. They offered me admission but I ended up rejecting the offer. I was concerned about the financial aspect of their program, and since I want a PhD in the long run I figured I’d focus on strengthening my apps for PhD programs. Feel free to message me if you have questions
  5. To the poster in the results who mentioned that a POI from Miami (OH) may be leaving in the fall, would you mind sharing POI's initials (on here or direct message)? I don't think it's mine but I'm curious!
  6. Last year, I only interviewed for one Ph.D. program, so getting 2 interviews this year makes me happy! School: Suffolk University Type: Clinical Psychology Ph.D. Date of invite: January 21st Type of invite: Email Interview date(s): February 26th and 27th DM for POI: Yes
  7. School: Miami University (OH) Type: PhD Date of invite: 12/22/2020 Type of invite: E-mail from POI Interview date(s): 1/19/21 and 1/22/21 DM for POI: Yes
  8. Thanks, this is super helpful! Last year I only paid attention to the interview dates, so I wasn't sure if the notification deadlines were accurate.
  9. Haven't logged into GradCafe in awhile and now I'm getting nervous lol. I checked CUDCP's website and the interview notification deadline for Mississippi State has already passed, and Miami University's (OH) is today. I guess I just need to air out this anxiety.
  10. Honestly, I'm thinking about applying this fall but I'm not 100% sure. I'm trying to secure a full-time research assistant job, and if I get that job I would commit for at least 2 years (let's hope COVID-19 doesn't prevent it from happening honestly). Currently I'm a volunteer research assistant and working 2 part-time jobs, and I know if I did research full-time that would really help with my applications my next round. But if that falls through, I may end up reapplying (this would be my second cycle). I feel like I learned a lot from applying the first time, and I will have new experiences t
  11. Yes, I already heard back from Towson University's clinical psychology master's program and they gave me an offer. I'm also on the waitlist for Miami (Ohio)'s clinical Ph.D. program. And I applied to a few post-bacc jobs just in case, but haven't heard back on my applications for these.
  12. I'm still waiting to hear back from William and Mary, but I didn't apply to Wake Forest.
  13. If you don't mind me asking, who's your POI? You can DM me if you'd prefer, and I understand if you'd prefer not to say. Hopefully you end up getting an offer or something works out for you 😊
  14. I also haven't heard back post-interview. The suspense is killing me 😅 Just a little impatient.
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