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  1. I was in the same boat but found out recently that I got a 12k fellowship for the first year. I also found an hourly position on campus that pays well enough to afford to live. I have applied for 10 GAships so far (been rejected from 4, no response from the other 6 yet but they all were completed in the last week). This means that my Out of state tuition will be around 12-14k for the first year. I would have likely accepted the offer without the fellowship though because I only received one other offer of admission and that one was guaranteed no funding (did not get allocated a GA for th
  2. I wish I could relate but I wanted to offer you advice if you wanted to look into the School Psychology route. If you are wanting to work with children and adolescents (up to age 22 since that's when students can no longer be enrolled in high school) it may be a good route for you to go into. If you want to work within schools (as part of an interdisciplinary team) getting an EdS degree in School Psychology would be a great option. If you want a flexible degree that would allow you to work as a clinician outside schools, work as in a leadership position within schools, or work in a
  3. Yes, they are much easier to get into. Depending on the university they can be taken seriously but if you want to practice with clients (and be a health service psychologist) I would recommend not attending. If you have an interest in working with children you could always try School Psychology next year. Quite a few programs offer specializations in mental health disorders, clinical practices and school mental health facilitation (I should know since I am attending one next year!)
  4. Does your partner want to work with kids or conduct research on subjects involving kids? School Psychology is the only applied field that you mentioned and would be beneficial if your partner wants to conduct field-based research working with students. Depending on the program you could also dip into more developmental or educational psych topics (depending on program philosophies or faculty research interests). Educational Psychology is almost exclusively research oriented and leads to careers working in educational research. Think working for ETS or Pearson. You could also work a
  5. I finally was able to accept an offer! I'll be attending Indiana University! I found out yesterday afternoon that I was awarded an Adolescent Mental Health Fellowship from the Department of Counseling and Educational Psychology. Along with an hourly position I was offered working at the Indiana Institute on Disability and Community I now have full funding for next year! It feels late in the process but I am so glad things worked out and I am able to attend my top choice. I wish everyone here the best of luck in securing funding, receiving acceptances off of the waitlist a
  6. While I personally would rather any person entering School Psychology to actually want to work with school populations (since it deprives spots from people who do) many School Psychology programs have faculty working in Clinical Childlike research areas. Some schools like Ball State and Lehigh rarely pump out school practitioners = and rather pump out clinicians that end up at Children's hospitals or other private practice settings. It is so much less competitive than both Clinical and Counseling Psychology. Just make sure you apply to faculty or programs with a more clinical research or
  7. Please also post this on the School Psychology sub on Reddit. A lot of people there are considering Columbia and while others (including myself) have said that public universities in the area would be much better many are still waiting. The perspective of a current student may help them make the decision to stay far away.
  8. Yep! It seems that timelines are wacked out in a ton of spots.
  9. I was nominated for a couple of fellowships as well. The sad thing about fellowships is that because of how competitive they are it's hard to say how likely you are to receive it. I was told I was nominated in early February and all I know is that I should hear back before April 15th. While I hope I get one I understand that since it is decided at the university level my POI does not have a big say in whether or not i'll get it.
  10. It seems a lot of programs in school psychology don’t include the funding in the offer of acceptance. Instead they forward you opportunities and help you apply for them. It’s really weird that they said you could only apply for them if you accepted their offer.
  11. That seems really weird. Like do you mean apply for one? Because if they aren’t guaranteeing you funding and you accept you might screw yourself out of other opportunities (assuming you got other offers) if you don’t get that funding.
  12. Yeah! I see you are from the UK. Public transit is so much worse in the US so outside of our biggest cities it is very difficult to live and work close together. My home town of 40k people was barely accessible by public transit (and even then it was spotty). If I wanted a job I had to commute with a car. It’s a barrier that many in the US have to getting jobs, going to college etc. I would say most people have cars in the US where I am from. Less so in places like New York or Los Angeles.
  13. Hmm. I would try to find one in the general vicinity of the IU Bus routes. I have a car and would need parking for me and my fiance since he will be commuting to IUPUI for MSW classes a few times a week. I mainly looked at places farther away since they have better pricing for what we were looking for so I don't have any general recommendations for places. I would reach out to your program about grad housing boards where you could find a roommate. Those would be the most affordable on your stipend and you could probably find something affordable near campus or a bus route. For example, t
  14. I am! I have been looking on rent.com and found several good apartment complexes in the general area of Bloomington.
  15. Thank you so much Schoolzy! I appreciate all the positive vibes and support you have given me on here! I don't think I will choose not to go somewhere. I am not sure waiting a year would be the best for me since I am confident IU is the best fit for me program wise. Plus, we have great loan forgiveness options and with the hourly position I wouldn't have to take out a backbreaking amount of loans to attend. This forum has been so helpful for me and helped me vent about the whole application process. Thank you to everyone on the forum for being so helpful and engaging regarding this year'
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