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  1. Temple University - Organizational Behavior Ph.D.
  2. This was so helpful, thank you! Very much what I'm looking for.
  3. Hi everyone! My partner is applying to PhD programs next Fall in Educational Psychology, Developmental Psychology, and School Psychology as her research interests are focused on children and the classroom, peer interactions, etc. With that being said, she does struggle with the GRE. For those that have just went through the PhD process and have taken the GRE or are familiar with applying to the subfields below, how competitive do the GREs need to be for these programs? Also, out of the 3 programs, can you rank the subfields from most to least competitive (in regards to general progra
  4. Congrats to everyone who got accepted! See you guys at SIOP!
  5. Hey, Are any admitted applicants from the Fox School of Business attending tomorrow? Looking to meet the other Organizational Behavior admits!
  6. UNO has made their decisions although not released yet! Decisions were made last week - was informed that I was being admitted when I let them know I was accepting an offer. I Hope this helps!
  7. Admitted to Penn State tonight for 100% (PhD only) admit rate; UNO is MA/PhD and Villanova was Masters only (albeit funded).
  8. Has anyone heard from the University of Nebraska at Omaha (UNO)?
  9. About how long after being notified by either PIs or the admissions staff does it usually take for admissions decisions in portals to be reflected? One of my programs said within 2 business days on Thursday and it's still showing up as "under review."
  10. Applied to 2 PhDs in OB: Temple, Drexel (Admitted to both) All other programs were I/O
  11. Villanova just released some early decisions yesterday!
  12. Hi! I applied to Penn State IO's program which is honestly nothing short of outstanding! The interview experience was great. With that being said, I have two schools in mind I am considering, but it will all come down to funding at this point. Realistically, I am leading to one program in particular, but I am waiting for other results of schools first to see if I am overlooking something.
  13. I haven't heard from UNO, I am waiting to hear back from them as well. Saint Louis has extended admissions, I saw someone on Twitter with an admission from PI: CR. That's all I know, wishing you the best of luck!
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