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  1. School: Marywood University Type: Clinical PsyD Track: General Acceptance/Waitlist/Rejection: Acceptance Type of Notification: Email from DCT, followed by official letter. Date Notified: 03/08/2021 DM for POI: Yes Accepted Offer
  2. Unsure about your specific program's qualifications, but I have been to an interview like the one you explained. Basically a group of maybe 10/15 of us were in a session together. The committee members will ask you all questions like "how would you approach (_____) situation?" "What are your thoughts on XYZ" etc. Basically- yes, a discussion group. I was under the impression that the committee was trying to get an idea of what we would be like in a group settings, and trying to gauge our current knowledge/investment in topics in psychology. Lots of ethics-type questions. Just be yourself, and
  3. Hi Everyone! I am a first time poster and a long time lurker. I am looking for advice on how/if I should contact admissions in regards to my placement on a waitlist? I have been accepted into a program that I would be happy attending, however the school I have been waitlisted for is my preference over the one I have been accepted to. I am highly curious as to where on that waitlist I stand, and if it is necessarily worth keeping my hopes up/keeping the other program waiting for a response. Would it be smart/advantageous to contact admissions? Ty in advance!
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