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  1. What city is everyone moving to this fall?
  2. Does anyone here know if PhD stipends are taxed at Candian universities?
  3. Congrats friend!! I'm nervously waiting on CB results too- I've interviewed with a few schools but haven't received any offers yet, so I'm anxiously checking gradcafe and my emails every 5 mins lol
  4. I haven't heard any news from USC either! Anyone hear anything from Cornell, WashU, or Penn for CB?
  5. Any CB Marketing ppl interviewing with BU, Toronto, or UBC? I have those coming up this week... haven't heard back from my other schools yet though!
  6. Wow congrats- that's awesome!! Good luck and let us know what the ask/how it goes!
  7. Nice! I ended up apply to 15 (13 in US and 2 in canada), but it sounds like we have a lot of overlaps- maybe we'll even end up at the same program! I've heard that most cohorts only take up to 2-3 CB students though. I think this year is especially challenging to gauge whether we'll be strong candidates since it seems like a ton of people are applying
  8. Also CB Marketing here! Where did you apply? Hopefully we'll start hearing back about some interviews this week- I'm so nervous!!!
  9. I also haven't heard anything about delays in admissions decisions! Hopefully we'll be hearing about interviews ASAP!!
  10. Ugh right??! I just finished all of my apps! Holding my breath until the results come in now haha How far along are you guys on your apps?
  11. Haha yeah I feel you, I'm so grateful that they were wiling to submit all of those for me. I hope so too!!! Also, side note, I don't know about you guys but I've been on the reddit gradadmissions group everyday lmao.. I'm super anxious about getting interviews over the next couple months too
  12. Hey! How are your applications going! I decided to go with 15 schools, I'm done with the first 4 applications and trying to submit a couple more this weekend. This is a hard process!
  13. Was taking a look around pervious year's forums and wanted to get this started this year. Where is everyone planning to apply/how many programs? I am planning to apply to Marketing programs at the following: Harvard, UC Berkeley, Cornell, NYU, UCLA, UCSD Still figuring out the rest.. and need to get started on these applications soon!
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