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  1. What other programs did you apply for?
  2. Thanks for letting me know! I was literally coming on here to see if anyone has asked yet, before emailing!
  3. I pretty much second what Polisci_gal says. I did my MA at a smaller institution, and I have had LOTS of opportunities for extra TA work, various graduate research assistant opportunities, and a lot of one on one support from faculty. I have friends who completed degrees at larger institutions, and these sorts of experiences were harder to come by. What I was told by several people at different Universities is that University doesn't much matter. What matters is quality experience and quality publications + a strong dissertation. So from that perspective faculty fit matters much more th
  4. I also appear to have been accepted - but no letter. So my guess is that the portal updates can be done by a bulk list, but the individual letters need to uploaded individually
  5. This is a thread under political science, so unless people applied to both a political science and philosophy, most of us won't have an answer to this.
  6. That is exciting! Though im not anticipating being accepted to York with how competitive this year is.
  7. I don't know about the US, but in Canada I wouldn't say any of the schools are "quant heavy." Maybe Western and McMaster somewhat.
  8. A friend of mine also got in to Queens today!
  9. What program if you don't mind me asking?
  10. No idea! I am going to assume I will likely be rejected there as well since I did not have a meeting
  11. I don't know about stipends. But I so know that none of my MA scholarships were.
  12. Also waiting on McMaster and York
  13. Mine says no decision yet - under review. I also had an issue with a file upload and the grad director emailed me. So they are good about following up!
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