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  1. Alright. My application wasn't successful so that sucks. Good luck everyone! Thanks for all your support!
  2. I have !!! Results aren't loading although. I am now in the portal, but results are taking forever to load...
  3. No luck either. It says Error 404 here. We have a new variation!
  4. At least us Quebec peeps have something to look forward to tomorrow morning😅
  5. All right, I'll take one for the team!!! I'm francophone so maybe the french people will have other info🤣
  6. I know some have. I think they are taking their sweet sweet time sending them. The emails don't come out all at ounce 😕
  7. I think I'm going to take this with a grain of salt...if CIHR and CSRNG released their results...SSHRC shouldn't be too long either. At least I hope so haha.
  8. I played with fire and created my account like 2 weeks ago...hopefully it won't crash anything, I've been thinking about this on a daily basis🤣
  9. Still nothing🥲
  10. Maybe it'll pressure them to send the results already🤣
  11. I just tried calling. There was no answer and automated message said to leave a voicemail. I doubt they will call me back lol
  12. This is becoming unbearable. I just wish they would give us a date so we could stop getting our hopes up everyday. How are we supposed to work like this🥲
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