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  1. Fazi

    Vanier 2021-2022

    2021 Vanier scholars are now on the website! 🥳
  2. Fazi

    Vanier 2021-2022

    Yesssssss! I decided to try, though I'm going to start my PhD this Fall! Good points! I have my two academic references, but not sure about two others for leadership. Do you (@MakeitRmakeit) want to reapply this year?
  3. Fazi

    Vanier 2021-2022

    Now.... Vanier competition 2021-2022 has officially been launched!! Important Dates Application Deadline 2021-11-02 Anticipated Notice of Decision 2022-04-06 Ok, what should we do now? Start building a ResearchNet Profile?
  4. Fazi

    Vanier 2021-2022

    Thank you @MakeitRmakeit for your time and great advice. 👍 Thank you@ERW for reply, too. And congratulations!‌
  5. Fazi

    Vanier 2021-2022

    @MakeitRmakeitThank you for your reply! I would like to know how they evaluate the leadership skills, for instance? (I read the website carefully, of course.) But, I would like to know for example who, which what kind of activities, could get a score of 9, or 8 or 7? What about other criteria? It would be great if we could access previous Vanier scholars' CVs. Their GPAs? The number of publications? Etc. to find out (approximately) what our chances are? (If any) Would you like to share your CV and the scores? Final rank among 200? Thanks.
  6. Fazi

    Vanier 2021-2022

    Thank you @MakeitRmakeit! Have you applied before? If yes, Would you like to share your experiences/recommendation?
  7. Fazi

    Vanier 2021-2022

    *your leadership/proposal
  8. Fazi

    Vanier 2021-2022

    What do you think about leadership criteria / research potential?
  9. Fazi

    Vanier 2021-2022

    Thanks for your reply! I am also a new PhD student, starting this Fall! I have 4 publications and 4 conferences (but not in recent years, as I have a gap between my master and PhD!) So, I think also my academic section is not so strong. But I have some good professional and volunteer leadership experiences and will try my best to write a good proposal. So, overall I have a small chance, I hope! And so, before the university deadline we should prepare our final version, right?
  10. Fazi

    Vanier 2021-2022

    Hi everyone, Just wanted to create a thread for the upcoming Vanier 2021-2022 application to pass this journey together and win our Vaniers, hopefully! :)) Also to ask a question: After selecting by our university, can we edit/improve our application? Or they submit our application without any change? Thanks in advance
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