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  1. Fazi

    Vanier 2021-2022

    Well, today, my application for Vanier 2022, in the final stage of the university's internal selection, was rejected and I am soooooooo sad and disappointed! But good news is that I have another chance next year! Hopefully! Good luck everybody!
  2. Sorry to hear that! Today, my application for Vanier 2022, in the final stage of the university's internal selection, was rejected and I am soooooooo sad and disappointed! I had put lots of time for my application since June! I probably shouldn't expect Trudeau either, but maybe I apply for it.
  3. So, wish you go to this SCARY phase this year and pass it very well!
  4. @Adelaide9216Thanks! Sounds good, but yes... those interviews look scary! Were you invited to an interview in the previous rounds?
  5. I am working on my Vanier application right now, but I would like to apply for Trudeau, too! Though I don't know so much about the required documents so far! (I just checked the eligibility and its approximate deadline) I saw that you @Adelaide9216 won the Vanier before! Congrats! In comparison, how much work do you think the Trudeau application need?
  6. Fazi

    Vanier 2021-2022

    @waterstudent Thanks for your reply! yes, I did the same.. Do you apply this year?
  7. Fazi

    Vanier 2021-2022

    Hi, Does anyone know, in CCV, under which title I should write the articles published in the blog? What about podcasts (as an invited guest speaker)? Thanks in advance!
  8. Fazi

    Vanier 2021-2022

    2021 Vanier scholars are now on the website! 🥳
  9. Fazi

    Vanier 2021-2022

    Yesssssss! I decided to try, though I'm going to start my PhD this Fall! Good points! I have my two academic references, but not sure about two others for leadership. Do you (@MakeitRmakeit) want to reapply this year?
  10. Fazi

    Vanier 2021-2022

    Now.... Vanier competition 2021-2022 has officially been launched!! Important Dates Application Deadline 2021-11-02 Anticipated Notice of Decision 2022-04-06 Ok, what should we do now? Start building a ResearchNet Profile?
  11. Fazi

    Vanier 2021-2022

    Thank you @MakeitRmakeit for your time and great advice. 👍 Thank you@ERW for reply, too. And congratulations!‌
  12. Fazi

    Vanier 2021-2022

    @MakeitRmakeitThank you for your reply! I would like to know how they evaluate the leadership skills, for instance? (I read the website carefully, of course.) But, I would like to know for example who, which what kind of activities, could get a score of 9, or 8 or 7? What about other criteria? It would be great if we could access previous Vanier scholars' CVs. Their GPAs? The number of publications? Etc. to find out (approximately) what our chances are? (If any) Would you like to share your CV and the scores? Final rank among 200? Thanks.
  13. Fazi

    Vanier 2021-2022

    Thank you @MakeitRmakeit! Have you applied before? If yes, Would you like to share your experiences/recommendation?
  14. Fazi

    Vanier 2021-2022

    *your leadership/proposal
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