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  1. Created a discord channel for people who are applying to Organizational Behaviour or CB Marketing PhDs this application cycle so we can share application information, answer questions, and network with each other! Anyone who is interested in joining, DM me for the link!
  2. I'm applying to CB and some micro-OB! Would you happen to have a link handy for that? I'm not on Twitter much haha. Thank you so much!
  3. Could be that more people will come on the forums later in January or a sign that there are not as many applicants this year. Hoping for the latter! If anyone wants to practice interviewing each other hit me up!
  4. Interviews will hopefully be out in January-ish! Do you folks think that they will be doing some in-person interviews this year as they did pre-Covid?
  5. Anyone know if applications this year will be as competitive as last year?
  6. Just accepted my offer for MBDS! I had until April 1st to decide and so they should be letting Waitlist applicants know after April 1st.
  7. You'll hear back, best of luck! Most likely going to go with LSE rather than UPenn myself as its 1/2 the price and seems much more chill (5 courses vs. 9).
  8. I haven't gotten any responses back yet from UPenn, but heard back from LSE MSc.
  9. Has anyone received offers from University of Toronto Rotman Marketing PhD yet?
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