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  1. I just meant research experiences where you're coming up with the research idea and then executing it! So a master's thesis could be an example. It can also be something super small and basic as long as it shows you have the capacity/potential to do research independently. And I didn't mean outside of a university, it's usually done under the supervision of a professor/ in a lab that you work in.
  2. I don't think you can ever assume admission to a doctoral program even if your credentials are perfect! From what I've heard and read, getting independent research experience with products is crucial in a master's program, not just a good GPA. And a psych master's would definitely be best especially if you don't have a psych background. Just curious, do you have any specific interests within psychology?
  3. I don't think I have any of those strengths to play up lol! But I do agree that having connections can be helpful. Based on what everyone else is saying it's probably not going to keep someone out of the running
  4. Thank you everyone! I feel a lot better about everything now 😊
  5. Ok thank you! That makes me feel a bit better.
  6. Hello everyone! Hope applications/school/work are going well so far! I've started reaching out to POIs for clinical psych programs this week. I've mostly followed advice gleaned from this forum and talked about my background and experience, my research interests, and my desire to learn more about their work. I've sent out 4 emails so far. One said I sounded like a good fit but wasn't accepting students, and the other hasn't replied. The other two basically said they were "looking forward to receiving my application". Nothing negative, but not very positive either, just a very generic answer. I
  7. This is my question too! I know which ones are terrible but that's about it lol
  8. I don't know if this is helpful but something I did was look for programs that allow a mentor from a different program or 2 mentors from different programs since some of my interests are developmental related. I also looked at lab websites in different programs besides clinical to see if there were any clinical students in their labs.
  9. Most of the grad students in my lab applied to around 10 so I think that's a good number especially if your interests are specific. I just thought since I'm not a crazy competitive applicant i should apply for more. Maybe that's the wrong idea tho lol
  10. Yeah I think that's my problem. I keep adding schools that are a close enough fit instead of a rlly good one
  11. I feel like that's such a good number! I'm trying to get my list down to 15 too. And yes 100% I will definitely be broke by December. Can I ask what your process was for choosing schools?
  12. Just curious about how many programs other people are applying to! I'm having trouble narrowing down my list and I thought it might help to have a frame of reference. It would also be great to know what kind of programs you're applying to (clinical, cognitive, etc.). I'm applying to clinical programs and my list has 18 schools atm.
  13. Yeah, I got an email from saying that Fall 2021 admissions have been suspended. I was really excited abt that program too
  14. I agree that my quant score is a weak point. I just haven't had much time to study for it. I will definitely devote more time to it though. Thank you so much for the advice! It's great to hear that I might still have a chance.
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