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  1. Just want to say that I totally feel you, was in this exact position last year (10 apps, 7 interviews, and nothing in the end but a few waitlists and a semi-offer from a PI I had nothing in common with) and it looks like the same might happen this year (applied to 5 this year, 3 interviews, 1 rejection post-interview and still waiting on the other 2 but it feels bleak lol). I also have a really niche research area of interest and it has been a huge hindrance for me (a lot of the feedback I've gotten post-interviews has been related to that), but I'm still determined to do it. But I do feel ver
  2. Hi, to anyone who is doing the Fairleigh Dickinson interview today, would you mind sharing what the structure of the interview day was? I.e., how many interviews, who you interviewed with (not names but just like faculty vs. students, was it your POI), individual vs. group?
  3. Thank you so much, this is really helpful! I usually get such vague advice about these sorts of questions, so I really appreciate you giving an example.
  4. Hi, I was wondering if anyone could offer any advice on the best way to answer questions asking you to describe a time that you had a disagreement with a coworker or supervisor and how you handled it? I worry that I don’t come off well when I answer these sorts of questions. I’m not great at storytelling, and I used to be someone who wasn’t great at handling disagreements. What sorts of things are interviewers looking for with this question?
  5. Heya! I interviewed at JJ last year. We were not told ahead of time who we would be interviewing with - rather, we got our entire schedule of interviews the morning of, which was nerve wracking but ultimately not a huge deal because there wasn't really an expectation to know about everyone's research. I can't remember exactly, but I thiiiink it was about 4 faculty interviews, 2 student interviews, 2 info sessions, 2 breaks, and lunch. I could be a bit off but that's more or less how it went, and everyone was on different schedules. It's a long day. I did get to interview with my top POI a
  6. I applied there as well, haven't heard anything particularly negative about it myself. But idk ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  7. Hi again! Sorry to bring back this old thread haha, but I'm just curious how you interpreted the "talk about yourself" section of the FD personal statement. I know they mentioned talking about non-academic interests and hobbies, but as for talking about "yourself", this always throws me. Like, my personality? My insecurities? I guess I'm just not sure what parts of "myself" are appropriate to share!
  8. Thanks for your reply! Haha nope I have not yet finished my statement for FD, been flooded with coursework and other applications! Thank god for that January 1 deadline. This is good to know - for clarification, did you integrate it into the flow of the rest of your statement, or kind of append it as its own statement at the end of your general statement? Sorry if that doesn't make sense!
  9. Not a dumb question! No I didn't. I honestly don't think anyone on the admissions committee is going to care that much. They are reviewing your writing ability, not the actual content of the paper. That's the job of editorial boards!
  10. Yep that's exactly what I'm doing! I took the most recent (nearly final) draft of my manuscript and just removed the abstract, figures, and references.
  11. Hi all, I'm applying to Fairleigh Dickinson's clinical psych program, and wanted to see if anyone else applying has any insight on the format of the personal statement. The instructions given on PSYCAS are as follows: " A Personal Statement [Required]. You should submit a personal statement describing why you are interested in pursuing an advanced degree in Clinical Psychology. You should describe your profession-related experiences including teaching, research and human services work, and how they relate to this interest. At the end of the personal statement tell us about yourself, your
  12. To anyone with experience reapplying to a program - should you address in your personal statement the fact that this is your second time applying? I was thinking this would make sense, so that I could comment on what I learned through attending that program's interview last year.
  13. Does anyone have any insight on how many people are put on the waitlist for John Jay's Clinical Psych PhD program? I'm currently on that list and wish I knew what my chances looked like.
  14. Thank you for the clarification! To your knowledge, are professors still in the process of extending invitations to interview? (ie., if I haven’t yet heard from my POI, is there still a chance?) Would it be worth reaching out to my POI individually to inquire?
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