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  1. I just had my first "official" interview today via Skype, with a graduate student, and wanted to get opinions on a tough question I received (and further collective knowledge so you guys can prepare for it ). It was "what are your clinical weaknesses?" As I've never been in an official clinical role (I only have a BA), but do have a decent amount of experience interacting with the population I hope to practice with, it was more of a "lack of experience" more than anything but I feel like I could answer it better. Has anyone got this question before?
  2. School: University of Nevada, Las Vegas Type: Clinical Psychology PhD Date of invite: 1/16 Type of invite: Email from DCT (likely mass) after preliminary phone interview this week Interview date(s): 2/14
  3. School: Fordham University Type: PhD (Clinical) Date of invite: 1/10/2020 Type of invite: Mass email from DCT (email for PIs) Interview date(s): 1/24/20 or 1/31/20 :)
  4. School: University of Nevada, Las Vegas Type: PhD (Clinical) Date of invite: 1/9/2020 Type of invite: Email from PI asking for a phone call to discuss ongoing lab research, my research interests, and my career goals early next week. I'm not sure if other UNLV profs conduct phone interviews before in-person invites. This also might be a situation specific to myself and my PI, as we have had prior email contact. DM for PI.
  5. Are we posting Canadian invites on this thread? I'll just go for it so people can message me directly. School: Simon Fraser University Type: Clinical PhD Date of invite: 1/9/20 Type of invite: email from Grad Program Assistant (mass email); DM for PIs Interview date(s): Skype interview in next three weeks or in person interview 1/31
  6. I went to three interview weeks last year and the makeup choices of other applicants was something I did not notice - which probably means that no one was wearing anything too heavy! For myself, I wore foundation, eyebrow pencil, eyeshadow, and mascara, but only used one eyeshadow palette that is matte and in different tones of beige and brown. Overall, I was going for a "no-makeup makeup look" and I definitely didn't feel out of place. Lipstick might be a little too much unless it's a very natural tone and you're comfortable wearing it in your daily routine outside of interviews (I usually notice lipstick and I can't say it was commonly worn by other applicants). A tinted lip balm or tinted lip gloss may be a better option. Just my opinion, though!
  7. Did you hear this somewhere specific? I'm sort of in limbo as I have not been rejected from UNL and have also not seen my PI mentioned on the results page or interview thread - but haven't received an invite.
  8. School: Sam Houston State University Type: Clinical Psychology PhD Date of Invite: 01/06/20 Type of Invite: Phone call from PI (message for details) Interview date: Had to ask for alternate date; set for January 27th. So shocked, as they extended most invites weeks ago!!
  9. In the spirit of stressed and anxious venting, what the heck is going on with Nebraska?? I saw one rejection come out earlier this week and more come out today. Last cycle, they sent all initial rejections at once the day before interview invites were sent out (January 2). UNL is 100% my top choice and I barely missed acceptance last year. My application still just says "submitted" in the portal. I am s t r e s s e d.
  10. School: University of Virginia (Curry School of Education) Type: Clinical/School Psychology PhD Date of invite: 12/20 Type of invite: Email from admin assistant Interview date(s): 1/31 Message for POI!
  11. School: University of Southern Miss Type: Counseling PhD Date of invite: December 10th Type of invite: Email from program director inviting me to in-person interview, followed by email from PI Interview date(s): February 7, 2020 First interview invite of the season!! 🎉
  12. Yes, I didn't quite know what career path I wanted to follow when I started undergrad so it was extremely fortuitous that I attended a university like that! I understand that it can be difficult to find forensic-specific research experience, depending on your location. This is my second time applying and I got my heart set on my top choice last year and was first alternate but didn't get in, so I've been consciously not putting all my eggs in one basket this year. The research fit with a faculty member at the University of Nebraska is still spot-on, though, but I would be happy at most of the places I've applied! What about you?
  13. I do! Weirdly enough, all of my research experience over the past four years has been forensic - but I was lucky to attend an undergrad institution with a heavy forensic area within their psychology department. I'm currently working as a post-bacc research coordinator at a forensic psychiatric hospital under a different PI, too.
  14. Hi, fellow forensic applicant! I've listed the programs I'm applying to in my signature below (it's a long list this year). Only about half of the schools have a forensic program, but I am applying to explicitly forensic-oriented supervisors. My research interests are very concentrated around the assessment of violence, particularly targeted violence, so that might change some things. Which schools are you thinking of applying to?
  15. Me, for the second time! I applied to eight schools while completing my undergraduate degree last year. I did get one acceptance but similar to others' stories, it was partially funded and I don't want to go into debt. I did receive interviews for 4/8 programs so I don't necessary think it was a specific aspect holding me back - there were just so many qualified applicants and it was hard to complete with individuals who had 1 or more years of post-bacc work while still an undergrad. I secured a post-bacc research coordinator position myself in June in exactly the same area I want to go into (clinical forensic) and have definitely beefed up my CV with a few more conference presentations and many new skills. Good luck to everyone!
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