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  1. Hey hey! My waitlist prospects have not been kind this application cycle, and as I made the tough decision to decline my only acceptance for financial/program fit reasons, it looks like I’ll be seeing you all for the 2020 application cycle. I’m currently on a lengthy Europe vacation as a graduation gift to myself but when I return home I plan to solidify the list of schools I’m applying to next (this?) year. I applied to 8 Clinical PhD programs this past year and plan to expand that to about 12 PhD programs with 2-3 Masters programs in North America and the UK as a backup (‘cause if the second round is unsuccessful, why not see the world while gaining some more experience? ). For a bit of an introduction, I just graduated from a west coast Canadian university and am interested in clinical forensic research topics, with a special focus on targeted violence prevention. Honestly, I’ve felt myself grow so much over this past cycle, have narrowed my research interests and discovered passion for unexpected areas, and solidified my future career goals! I’m sure the universe meant for this to happen for some reason unclear at the present. Good luck to everyone - looking forward to getting to know you all!
  2. A new development for me: I reached out to my POI at my top choice this morning, which I'm currently waitlisted for, and got a response that is equally stress- and hope-inducing. He was originally hoping to take two students for Fall 2019 but was only able to make one offer after interviews, which the person has accepted. He told me he's currently fighting for the funding to accept a second, which would be me. AHHH! *waiting intensifies* I swear this is taking years off my life.
  3. SO feel you. Waitlisted at three schools (two being my top choices, one being UNL - we may have seen each other on interview day!), accepted at one that I can’t afford tuition at. Basically given up on the grad school dream this year, but would still love to get some good news. I’ll hope for both of us! Also, do you know much about UNLV’s program? I didn’t apply this year, but recently found a faculty member with close interests to mine and am seriously considering applying next year.
  4. I resonate with a lot of this. While I am high on three waitlists, and accepted for a non-funded program, I am not putting much faith in the waitlists panning out and know that I would not be able to attend/content in the non-funded program. The first few days after the last waitlist were hard, but I have managed to turn my thinking around and have been planning my intended schools for next application cycle. There were multiple schools that I didn't know about and therefore did not apply to this year that I would be more than happy attending, especially because they are in beautiful locations and closer to family. While I would still love for an acceptance to come through, I am (almost) as excited to get the chance to apply to these new places! When the waitlist notice first came through, I struggled with many of the "I'm not good enough for graduate school" type thoughts - it was difficult to think differently, as three separate places had waitlisted me after interviews. I even pondered avoiding the crazy low acceptance rates of clinical psychology and switching into a field with higher acceptance rates, like criminology. However, after the acceptance, I've begun to re-evaluate my thinking - I made it on to the waitlist of a school that gets over 600 applications for 9 positions. I was accepted by a school that receives over 200 applications. This was an unlucky, incredibly competitive year for me - for all of us - and reapplying next year shows the future adcomms how dedicated we are to this career path! Hopefully these words help anyone debating whether to reapply or not. I know I could have used them last week.
  5. Could the person DM me too please? Congrats and thank you!
  6. Hey guys, so again I find myself in a tough situation and would love some thoughts and advice. I have now received one acceptance! However, there are now a LOT of pros and cons to consider. Most significantly, it's the only program I applied to that isn't funded, and tuition looks to be $18k a year. For me, that's not just "manageable with some extra RA hours," that's "going into debt" type money. Secondly, the research fit doesn't quite align as well as other programs (isn't bad though), and the program follows a generalist model, while I would much rather be in a POI's lab with a strong relationship with them from day one. However, it's not all bad! The program does have a formal forensic track, which is really important to me, and they do seem to have a prominent research presence at conferences etc. It's in a beautiful (albeit expensive) area that my SO could easily work in. From what I gained during the phone interview, there are opportunities to pay tuition off from teaching at community colleges nearby. With all this being said, and while the lure of being able to say, for sure, that I am starting my PhD this fall is strong, I can't help but worry that a year or two in the future I will be wistfully looking at other people in less generalist, funded programs while going further into debt myself.... thoughts? Anyone else in this situation?
  7. Thank you so much, and a huge congratulations!!
  8. I am currently waitlisted at Simon Fraser University, Fordham University, and the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. I'm a forensic focused applicant, so you can probably guess who my POIs are off of that. If anyone is holding a spot at one of these, it would be very kind to my sanity to let it go ASAP if you can, or at least keep me in the loop during your decision process if you feel comfortable. This especially applies to UNL - it's my top choice and I would truly be over the moon if I was able to go there.
  9. I am in a very strange situation and am unsure of how to process it. I have seemed to be fairly successful in landing interviews (4/8), but after three of my interviews I have been waitlisted as a first alternate. I know that on one hand, this is really something to be proud of, and I know that each person that actually got in has a chance of declining the offer. Multiply that by three, and I know that there is still a possibility that I will be admitted. On the other hand, it's hard not to be devastated that I don't have any concrete offers yet and to wonder if there was something I was doing wrong the whole time (nothing comes to mind, and all professors who I have corresponded with after the fact have said they would be happy to take me if the first declines). It's just nice to write this all out and know that I'm not alone in this situation, but if anyone has any advice or comments on what my fate may be, they would be appreciated. Best of luck to all of you, I hope everyone gets some positive news soon.
  10. Me too please, it is my top choice as well! And did anyone get notified if they were waitlisted?
  11. I’ll just jump in here and say that I am a very forensic focused applicant – 7/8 of the programs I applied to (all Clinical Psychology PhD) sported a formal forensic “track” or specialization. See my signature for the complete list! UNR is the only one that doesn’t have the formal track. Personally, I didn’t want to attend a program for 4-5 years and never take a class in what I’m passionate about. Additionally, I just completed my undergraduate degree two months ago and all my research experience and clinical experience thus far has been with forensic populations. While the opportunities do differ depending on the area, there are ways to get this experience! For the OP, feel free to PM me if you have any questions about how I did this.
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