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  1. I was really impressed by everyone! There wasn't a single person in my group who didn't know their stuff. Whether you end up at CU Denver or elsewhere, I hope you get your top choice!
  2. Congrats!!! I was accepted as well - so excited
  3. A week ago, I attended a group interview with 40 other students. We interviewed with faculty in groups of 10 and we never spoke with faculty one-on-one. Initially, I figured that a thank you note for each faculty member might not make sense/be expected due to the sheer size of the interview group but now I am having second thoughts. Should I send thank you emails? It is too late? Thanks in advance!
  4. A lot of what I've read about the interview process made me think that it wouldn't be quite as competitive at this stage. The interview is often billed as an opportunity for the program to "sell itself to you" but now I feel more pressure than ever haha. Five people for one spot is crazy! It is so awesome that you got an invite. I hope you get the outcome you are hoping for!
  5. Wow! I definitely don't have anything to complain about lol. Props to you for making it to the interview because that is clearly a massive achievement in and of itself
  6. Received an interview itinerary for one of my programs and wow - I did not expect there to be twice as many interviewees as there are spots in the program (there are usually ~20 spots per cohort)! Is it common for schools to interview twice as many applicants as they plan to accept? Those odds are making me nervous lol.
  7. Whew just finished it this afternoon. I am not the fastest writer and I wanted to make sure I responded thoughtfully to the questions so it was pretty tough. I had about 10 seconds at the end to proofread! Good luck, if you haven't already done it! I hope it goes well for you
  8. I plan to do it this weekend. I'm feeling a bit nervous about it as I have no idea what the topic will be but hopefully it won't be too hard! I hope we get the interview itinerary soon. I'm really curious to know what we will be doing throughout the day and how the interview will be structured. If anyone has any tips for group interviews, please let me know!
  9. I'm sorry to hear that -- I will keep my fingers crossed that you get good news from other programs!
  10. I didn't realize they were sending out invites next week! Do you know when we can expect to hear from them?
  11. Is anyone else interviewing with CU Denver in February? I'm so excited (and a little bit nervous!)
  12. Yes!! I have reread my application materials so many times. Admittedly, I have let myself get way too excited about my top choice program (CU Denver) and it makes it all the more difficult to wait for a decision. Interview invites are still a month away and it feels like an eternity. I have been seeing that the number of applications for clinical psych programs has increased drastically this year -- hoping the same isn't true of school psych (though more people joining the profession would be a good thing). I hope you get good news from U of M!!
  13. Hi everyone! I am new to this site, so I apologize if someone has already started this thread and I overlooked it, but I wanted to get a thread started for those of us who are currently applying to school psych programs. I hope the application process is going smoothly for everyone and I look forward to hearing about the programs you are interested in/any tips you might have. Here are the programs I am applying to: - University of Colorado Denver (PsyD) - University of Northern Colorado (EdS) - Lewis & Clark (EdS) - Seattle University (EdS)
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