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  1. My EdS program required a capstone. However, my capstone had all the requirements of a thesis. It may be based on the program itself what the capstone actually looks like. I am not sure if it would make much of a difference to admissions committee, others may be able to speak more to that.
  2. To me, it sounds like a master's of clinical mental health would be a great option. The University of Tennessee at Chattanooga has a great Clinical Mental Health program that requires classes in the evening which would allow for you to have full-time employment.
  3. Hi all! I would love some advice! I am currently a School Psychologist working in a large school district. I want to go back and get my Ph.D. and do research on Autism Spectrum Disorders. However, I am having some difficulty finding school psychology programs which do research on this subject. Would it be more prudent for me to look into Clinical Psychology programs or continue my search for a School Psychology PhD program?
  4. Are you going into Clinical or School Psychology?
  5. I THINK James Madison has a funded School Psychology PsyD. But I am not sure if it is fully funded.
  6. Honestly, I think your experience looks great! And generally, I have found counseling to be a field that is very accepting of individuals that might have had a non-typical academic journey. I don't know your reasons for taking longer than normal to finish undergrad, however, there may be ways to spin it that would allude to the fact that you have undergone difficulty and persevered. I just think you would want to be very explicit about your reasons for wanting to get your Masters and have decent GRE scores.
  7. OR School Psychology program.
  8. Hmm... it seems there has been a lull as far as School Psych goes. A lot of movement with Clinical programs. Have most of the School Psych ones still not made decisions?
  9. I’ll try to speak a bit about School Psych. I am in the final stages on my EdS in school psych. School psychology involves primarily assessing students for disability areas determined by the state. You can work as a school psych with just an EdS (in between masters and PhD). With just an EdS you generally just work in school systems. Most school districts have 10.5 and/or 12 month contracts, you can expect to make about $50,000 to $60,000 when starting depending on your contract length. There is also a shortage of school psychs. With a PhD you can go private practice, work in hospitals, or academia. Thats a rough explanation from a presentation I gave undergrads about school psych last year. PM and I can give you more info or research NASP (national association of school psychology)! Good luck!
  10. Would you mind sending me the link for the lists? I have been unable to find any rankings specific to school psych.
  11. You're right! I am a School Psychologist, so there are a few on here who are "psychologists" already!
  12. I'm very sorry to hear that. Hopefully, you'll get off that waitlist! Have you considered getting the EdS first and then going for the Ph.D.? I think there are still EdS programs that are accepting applications.
  13. I just saw that someone put an acceptance to Georgia on the results page! Congrats! I was curious what do y’all think is the GRE requirement for a school like Georgia or UNC?
  14. I understand. I am finishing my EdS right now and luckily received a paid internship, but it is hard.
  15. Would you consider EdS? I am not sure, but getting one and then applying to Ph.D.s may increase your chances of getting in where you want?
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