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  1. wannabeschoolpsych

    Fall 2019 School Psychology Applicants

    Aw that’s awesome! Congrats on the interview!
  2. wannabeschoolpsych

    Post here to get your worries off your chest

    I love this thread! Worries: I only applied to two PhD School Psychology programs because they were the only ones I was really interested in and it’s all I could afford. My GRE scores aren’t amazing and I don’t have a lot of research. Will I even get invited for an interview? Will I be able to move out of my parents’ house and be financially okay? Excitements: I am proud of myself for even trying and applying. I know that my strength in my application is my work/volunteer experience. I have had some really good conversations with some professors and a grad student at one of the schools I applied to. I will graduate with my bachelor’s in May!!! If I end up getting accepted somewhere, I will begin a new adventure in a new place and work toward my passion of helping children.
  3. wannabeschoolpsych

    Fall 2019 School Psychology Applicants

    You already have an interview?!?! Wow congrats! I’m sure you’re going to kill it.
  4. wannabeschoolpsych

    Fall 2019 School Psychology Applicants

    All my transcripts and GRE scores were finally received... so now I am officially waiting! I’ve never been more anxious in my life. Good luck to everyone! It’d be awesome if we shared our results here! I hope you all are able to relax (or at least try to relax hahaha) this winter break/waiting season. 🙂
  5. wannabeschoolpsych

    best US cities without a car

    Does anyone have any info on Memphis?
  6. wannabeschoolpsych

    The wait begins!

    I really appreciate you saying that. You’re so right. Thanks for being encouraging!
  7. wannabeschoolpsych

    The wait begins!

    I submitted my applications early November and am just waiting on transcripts and GRE scores to be received... The wait is seriously driving me crazy. I am trying to keep busy with work and school but I think about it almost every second of every day. Let’s just say whatever the decision is... I will cry haha. Rejection will call for cries of being a failure and acceptance will call for cries of absolute SHOCK and pure happiness! Good luck everyone! We got this!
  8. wannabeschoolpsych

    Fall 2019 School Psychology Applicants

    That’s a good list. Do you have a top school? And good luck!! The wait is definitely killing me hahaha.
  9. wannabeschoolpsych

    Fall 2019 Psychology PhD Applicants!

    I turned in my applications early thinking it would make me feel better... but the wait is agonizing hahaha. I just found out that one of my universities still hasn’t received two of my transcripts which I sent November 10 and 14 and my GRE scores which I requested for on November 2nd....... so I’m pretty worried. Ps I hope everyone is doing well in this crazy journey! We got this!
  10. wannabeschoolpsych

    Fall 2019 School Psychology Applicants

    I feel you on the nervousness... I just submitted my applications for Northern Arizona University and University of Memphis a week ago! I contemplated Virginia but I think it’s too big of a reach for me.
  11. wannabeschoolpsych

    School Psychology Thread

    Hi! I tried starting a school psychology thread as well and it hasn’t been successful haha. I have applied to PhD programs at Northern Arizona University and University of Memphis! Have you finalized your list??
  12. wannabeschoolpsych

    Fall 2019 School Psychology Applicants

    UPDATE ON MYSELF I am only applying to NAU and U of Memphis now. It’s risky just because I know people tend to apply to A LOT of PhD programs but this is all I can really afford and I really love the U of Memphis program. It’s my #1. I’m originally from Arizona but I really love a certain professor’s research, the program, and I’ve spoken to faculty and a student there and it has been such a good experience talking with them. I’ve been feeling anxious about my SoP just trying to make it good. I am trying to stay positive though!
  13. wannabeschoolpsych

    Fall 2019 School Psychology Applicants

    Hi! Thank you so much for actually replying to this post! Haha it’s good to see there are other people going through the same thing as me. I looked at St. John’s program and it looks amazing but I feel like it’s too far for me. I’m originally from Arizona! It sounds like you have a solid list of schools and that’s awesome. I haven’t checked out that research and funding section so I’ll have to look into that. I mostly have been looking through everything on the websites and reaching out to faculty/students. Congrats on finishing your applications!!!!!! I’m still working on them and I’ve never felt more anxious trying to perfect them because I just want to get in at least somewhere. You’re doing amazing and are already ahead. You should be proud of yourself! Wishing you luck!
  14. wannabeschoolpsych

    Fall 2019 School Psychology Applicants

    Hi! Ahhh thanks for posting on here! I thought no one would reply haha. Sounds like a solid list of schools. Do you have your top schools out of those? I’ve been editing my SoP as well... and this whole process has been exhausting so I get you! Kudos to you for working so hard. Be proud of yourself and good luck! You got this!
  15. wannabeschoolpsych

    Fall 2019 Psychology PhD Applicants!

    This is my first time applying for PhD programs and I’m NERVOUS... but excited haha. My focus is school psychology and the programs I am applying to are University of Memphis, Universiy of Washington, University of Virginia, and Northern Arizona University! Good luck to everyone!!!

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