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  1. Yall. I'm a "very high alternate" at both schools I interviewed at. I'm so proud of myself for making it this far and to be so highly ranked on the waitlist but I. WANT. TO. GET. IN!!! This is my second year applying and I had no interviews last year (I pumped my GRE scores up this year). It's so crazy to think that every day that passes could be the day that the people holding onto the offers decide, therefore initiating this acceptance domino effect. If you're lucky enough to be sitting with multiple acceptances, godspeed! May your other acceptances look more enticing
  2. Anyone hear back from University of South Alabama’s Clinical/Counseling program?
  3. Hi! Has anyone heard back from University of South Alabama’s Clinical-Couseling program post-interviews?
  4. Hi all! Wondering if anyone who interviewed at UMSL heard back from the program yet regarding their status. Please DM me! Thanks and good luck!
  5. Was this an interview invite after being on the waitlist? Or an acceptance? I’d love this info and the POI too!
  6. Do you mind messaging me this info copied & pasted from the mail? I haven't seen this info anywhere so I'm intrigued! Thank you
  7. Awesome thank you!! I'm interviewing on Friday. Did they mention how many slots they're filling this year?
  8. Hey yall! Does anyone have any information about how many applications University of Missouri-St. Louis (UMSL) received this year for their Clinical Psych Ph.D. program? Or how many interview slots were extended? (I don't see any admissions info online for any year) And what about for University of South Alabama's Clinical-Counseling Psych Ph.D. program? Just a first-time interviewer tryna see her odds. Thank you!!
  9. Hi everyone! If you’re seeing this and you have any info about which POIs sent out invites already for University of Denver (Child Clinical PhD) and UMKC Clinical PhD, could you please message me? I’d message people directly but can’t find any direct posts about those invites on here. Thank you
  10. Based off of the results page, UMKC sent out their interview invites today last year! *crosses fingers*
  11. School: University of South Alabama Type: PhD Date of invite: 1/18/19 Type of invite: Phone call from POI Interview date(s): 2/15 Bawled my eyes out at work :~)
  12. I quit Oh jk just saw it was intended for you. HECK YEAH!
  13. Have you gotten any feedback about this? I'm also wondering if the department has made interview decisions.
  14. School: University of Missouri- St. Louis Type: Ph.D. Date of invite: 1/4/19 Type of invite: Voice mail Interview date(s): 2/1/19 Received the phone call from a professor who isn’t one of my PIs and doesn’t seem to be the director. Waiting on more info in an email! School: University of Notre Dame Type: Ph.D. Date of invite: 1/3/19 Type of invite: Personalized Email/Skype Interview Interview date(s): Skype Interview next week 1 of the 2 professors mentioned in the email is someone I applied to work with. No mention of the othe
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