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  1. UMBC's was the harshest I received. It was phrased something like "The program has recommended you not be accepted" as opposed to the standard "We are unable to offer..." type language, and I'll admit it a stung a bit.
  2. I also did hand-written notes, but I have a small collection of nice/cool/fun blank notecards that I'm always looking forward to using. I also did a small gift for each. It felt very natural to do this, since I really was deeply grateful for the recommendations, most of which were somewhat non-traditional.
  3. Don't see any recent posts for this school so I'll go ahead and start a thread. Anyone else planning to attend in the Fall? Would love to have people to discuss the moving process with in particular
  4. Hey thank you!!! I heard back from the last week after interviewing in January. I know interviews have been rolling and I have no idea if they're moving individually or in waves or what. I hadn't seen a peep anwhere prior to my decision. The notification came from the program, not from the POI, but not sure what that means for other applicants.
  5. Officially accepted the offer from UMiami (CWB). Would love to connect with anyone else planning to begin there in the Fall.
  6. yeahsouh

    Chicago, IL

    One other grocery store to look at: Cermak Fresh Market, which has a couple locations in neighborhoods with good affordable housing options. Really awesome value for produce in particular. Between that and Aldi you'll be in great shape with a mix of easier to prepare options and good from-scratch meals. If you have access to a car, supplementing with a Costco membership for bulk staples (and decent cheap wine!) might also be worth looking into.
  7. yeahsouh

    Chicago, IL

    I live in Chicago (moving soon for school!) and you can definitely, definitely feed yourself with groceries for less than 6/meal or 375 month. Not counting restaurants or delivery, etc, you could eat decently on even 250 or less, perhaps substantially so with a litle effort and depending on your tastes. In general, for a city its size, (and despite the high tax rates) Chicago's cost of living is super reasonable.
  8. I was at work getting coffee in the kitchen. I checked my email on my phone and saw the email with "Admission " in the title and "Congratulations!" in the previewed text. My knees buckled a bit and everyone looked at me and I went and hid at my desk and cried a little lol.
  9. School: University of Miami Concentration: Community Well-Being Type: PhD Date of acceptance: 3/6/2019 Notified by: Email from Admissions Supervisor with POI (I.P.) + Committee CC'd This was my first choice - my POI's work was literally the reason I became interested in the field in first place. I'm beyond words.
  10. Got a portal acceptance from my top choice today but am having a lot of trouble believing it until I receive an email.
  11. Sorry for multiple posts but just checked the portal for my top choice and noticed that it has been switched from "Pending" to "Admitted" and I'm freaking out trying not to get too excited until it's email-official. For all I know somebody checked the wrong box in some system...!
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