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  1. @brighteyesThis, I would inquire as to whether they have a moving stipend.
  2. Awesome! I look forward to it, it's such a great department overall.
  3. School: University of Nebraska-Lincoln Concentration: Counseling Psychology Type: PhD Date of acceptance: 3/14/2019 Notified by: Email from POI that I've been accepted off of the waitlist!
  4. Congrats! Florida has a fantastic counseling program.
  5. The BEST part about all of it is that the process can take up to April 15th!!!
  6. Feel you so hard. I'm waitlisted and my top two counseling psych programs (and wish I would have applied to UNL's clinical program now that I know what one of the faculty's research interests are).
  7. In my experience, no. At one program my PI emailed back in a couple days (they were sick, so it's understandable) but for another I didn't get a response at all. I was waitlisted at both.
  8. Understandable, it's hard not to second guess yourself when there are so many different options and opinions. You'll do great though regardless!
  9. Was about to say this. If you are really worried about "formality," black is a good default and would match your slacks. But just ask yourself, is it work the extra money? If so then don't get a super expensive pair. For example, my cheap shoes were literally $30 same with my cheap pad folio, which was $12, but people literally thought they were expensive.
  10. In line with interviews being bizzare, I hated the fact that multiple professors said they absolutely “loved me” and hoped that I would “attend” because I feel like it just gave me too much false hope when I ultimately was waitlisted with no other information. And then like you said you have to play nice with people WHO YOU ARE COMPETING WITH like lol great.
  11. Exactly. It’s hard for me to not think “what didn’t I do right? Was I not good enough? Did I say something wrong?” I try my best not to get into that thought process but it’s hard when you did everything you could and were as genuine as possible. Plus the reality is you will never know because most programs will just say “large pool of highly qualified applicants/very competitive applicants this year!” I think the best part of these forums is that there are other people going through the exact same thing and can empathize and actually understand what the process is like. Hopefully everything w
  12. Same though, there were repeat applicants at some of my interviews so I’m like “well maybe they’ll go to the other one or elsewhere and I’ll get in!” So I totally understand where you’re coming from. Did you at least get acknowledgement of where you are on the waitlist or did they just leave you in the wind like me?
  13. I’m not very religious but I just pray everyday that someone will inevitably go to another school and that I’ll be accepted off of the waitlist. But it’s still driving me crazy because I want it so bad and have done so much up to this point if that makes sense.
  14. Literally have my appointment today and get to express just how dead inside this process has made me and how I have become obsessive and anxious (even more than my diagnoses portray lol). I feel you so much right now.
  15. No, you aren't crazy. When I started out this process, the interviews that I got for schools were ranked, in my mind, from which one is in the best city, most prestigious, and has a high stipend. I then discovered that that is a great way to hate your entire time at a school during your doctorate work if you don't have a good fit with the program compared to another one (one of my grad students I work with directly in my lab expressed this and later on so did other graduate students I met with at interviews). A lot of them decided to go to what would be considered a "less prestigious school" w
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