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  1. This can be about anything. Research, school, life in general? What were the learning curves, or learning moments? LAY IT OUT!
  2. I dont think that having the 'right' strength/weakness is what gets you in. remember, you want to portray an accurate image of yourself. if you say something is your strength/weakness just to get in, then what happens after you get in and have to work with them for 5-7 years? if you arent honest in your interview, be ready to pretend for the next few years. in response to your question, i would say that you should think about your weaknesses first (if you have a hard time- ask your friends, lab professors, group members) for areas that they think you can improve. You only need on
  3. questions i remember from my interviews: - what questions do you have for me? (have questions!!!) - what are your research interests? (ideally you should know this or have an idea of this). Don't memorize, be honest. what do you want to study under your mentor's supervision? - what are your greatest areas of improvement/weakness? (do not say, perfectionist. please, i beg you!). also, say a sentence or two on how you are dealing with the aforementioned weakness. - what are your strengths? (know them, give reasonable examples) - why did you apply to this program (i focus
  4. Nothing short of a miracle! I will be joining the clinical psych program at Miami University!
  5. my advice to you is to find mentorship. you still have over a year to get involved in a psychology lab at your university. (it doesn't have to be in your desired research area, but it has to be in a productive lab and a lab that provides opportunities for undergrads, so read the RA job descriptions before joining a lab. Keep in mind that productiveness is not all about making posters and publications but it also involves gaining hands-on experience like managing studies, running in-lab studies, programming qualtrics, supervised statistics experience, lit searches and reviews, hypothesis testin
  6. at this point, it may not hurt to contact them respectfully,
  7. i don't think you can gain much by following up for an update. they will reach out to you if they have updates. I heard that a good rule of thumb is to reach out if you have another offer, that you are thinking of accepting, or something of the likes (like new information of something important that has changed).
  8. i'm moving to a whole new state. should i buy new stuff and start afresh? or just bring all my old stuff?
  9. i was scrolling through social media! i got a call from my poi, i watched it ring because i was too nervous! i called him back and he said you're in! and i danced around my room! i probably sounded out of breath on the phone. but its okay! i hope
  10. just got accepted by the top choice from the waitlist!! plan to accept! don't lose hope guys!!!
  11. an ode to 2019 applicants - it's okay to cry, but don't lose hope - it's okay to feel hopeless, but never let go of your dreams - it's okay to question your dreams, however, don't lose sight of the vision
  12. there's no point reaching out unless something has changed (i.e. you get an offer elsewhere). you already expressed your interest so just be patient. the dct or your poi will reach out to you if there is an update. also, a lot of people from waitlists eventually get offers. so, be patient, pray and be hopeful
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