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  1. dakotaS

    Fall 2019 Human Factors Applicants

    Officially submitted all my materials to Wichita State! Wish me luck
  2. dakotaS

    GRE Study Methods

    I mostly used Magoosh. I would recommend taking as many practice tests as possible. My scores are: V: 156 - 73rd percentile Q: 155 - 58th percentile AW: 4.5 - 82nd percentile I'm not sure how good you consider those. I could reach 160 on both but my scores are the average for the program I am applying to and I don't want to pay another $205 😋
  3. Continue working in my current research lab, publish my current manuscript, attend the HFES conference in Seattle, and spend more time with my son 😋 Human factors appears to be less competitive than clinical so I am not about to jump ship on careers due to the prospect of never being accepted into a Ph.D. program.
  4. Hi everyone! I decided to create a topic for human factors applicants since there doesn't seem to be one for our niche. Here are some potential discussions: What schools are you applying to? What are your research interests? Do you plan on going into government, industry, or academia? Do you have any updates from your program or POI? How are you feeling with your application? What are you worried about? What do you have to brag about? How did you pick the programs you're applying to? Are you going to the annual HFES meeting in Seattle? We're outnumbered compared to almost (probably) all psychological fields so lets create a place to exchange helpful information. Personally, I am applying to only the human factors program at Wichita State this cycle. I currently work in one of the research labs at Wichita State so if I do not get accepted I will just continue to gain research experience the next year and publish my manuscript.
  5. dakotaS

    Fall 2019 Psychology PhD Applicants!

    I am applying to the human factors program at Wichita State. I currently work in one of the labs at Wichita State so I am hoping that puts me in front. But if I am not accepted I will just find a dozen or so programs for next cycle 😊 If anyone else that is following this thread is also applying to human factors programs I would love to hear about yourself and what your research interests are 😄

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