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  1. I gotchu. Just wanted to put that out there as reassurance for all the folks combing through these forums for any and all hints as to their fate haha.
  2. Just wanted to note that though this seems like the most "obvious" reason why someone would get waitlisted, there are many potential factors that play into it. Most clinical psych programs accept a small handful of students each year, certainly fewer students than there are faculty members. In a given year it may be that multiple faculty want to take on students, but due to various reasons (internal departmental decisions, faculty rotations/priority, grant productivity, politics, etc) some faculty may have greater claim over the limited spots to take on students. Some faculty are upfront about this. Sometimes though, these things aren't settled in advance and so faculty may interview candidates only to say during/after the interview they're not sure if they can actually take one (yep...it sucks). This is all just to say that there are always other forces at work that factor into these difficult and sometimes political decisions. You could be a great match to a POI and an overall program, but still might not get an offer -- it doesn't mean you're not a good fit. If you are on the waitlist, it means they want and will take you if they can. Or at least this is what I have gathered from my conversations with my supervisor (a tenured PI at an ivy league). When my lab interviews candidates, often times applicants are all very qualified in similar ways, and so final decisions sometimes have to come down to minor details. For instance, between two equally qualified/experienced candidates, we might ultimately make the first offer to the one whose prior research experience was vaguely/slightly more related -- even tangentially-- to upcoming projects. It doesn't mean the other candidate wasn't also a great fit, it just means ranking is very difficult when you're dealing with a group of strong applicants, all very motivated, qualified, and unique. Anyhoo just wanted to throw this out there because I think its important to know that a lot goes on behind the scenes, and these decisions are anything but simplistic. And plus, being on the waitlist is crushing and discouraging enough on its own without the added insecurity of wondering if you were a poorer match to your dream program and that you'll be likely to have fewer other options. *moonwalks away*
  3. Ugh I am sorry to hear that. The waiting is absolutely the worst. Things should be picking up around this time, as people make decisions and release offers so hopefully the misery of waiting will end soon! You're in the final lap! And as other posters here have said, many programs end up going to the waitlist multiple times and the vast majority of incoming cohorts nearly always include applicants accepted off the waitlist, so it happens more commonly than people talk about. As slowly as I know the days trickle by on the waitlist --with no resolution one way or the other-- just remember it will eventually come to an end! They put you on the waitlist because they see your potential and they want you at their program, remember that!!!
  4. Happy news to share on my end...I got off the waitlist!! Official offer came through today and I am over the moon with excitement and relief and disbelief. There were many times I thought it wouldn't pan out, and I was mentally preparing to put myself through a second attempt, but it all did work out with time! Thanks to everyone here for all of the camaraderie and peer support on this crazy heck of a ride. You all are amazing, and I know everyone here will go out and do so much good for the world. For those on the wait-list: hang in there!! Nothing makes the waiting easier or any less agonizing, but I can now say from experience that people really do get off the wait-list, so just know that not all is over yet! The finish line is near - as April 15th inches closer, I hope everyone hears back good news soon and that we all end up in the right place. 😊
  5. Ugh, I feel you! Hang in there! I hope you hear back very soon with good news. Being waitlisted somehow feels worse than outright rejection...being so close yet so far, stuck in that awful uncertainty. Be proud of all your hard work and accomplishments so far and remember it's not over just yet!
  6. I asked this question early on (if there are many folks ahead of me on the waitlist) and did not receive a specific answer. Is it safe to assume this means I'm at the bottom of the waitlist? Granted, the reply I received was a general sentence or two that didn't specifically answer either of the two questions I asked (my ranking on the waitlist + whether it'd be unproductive to apply next cycle since my research interests/application have already been evaluated) and simply stated that it was very common for at least a few folks to receive offers off the waitlist. But what does it mean?!? I'm at the point of just re-reading things over and over trying to glean any clues as to my fate...
  7. Question for fellow waitlistees: how have you communicated with the program/DCT after being informed of your status? After I received my notice, I exchanged a few emails with the DCT (asking questions and indicating that this program is my top choice and I would be thrilled to accept, if an offer can be made). This was all in the first few days after I was notified of my status. About three weeks have now passed with no contact, and I'm wondering if I should check in at all to re-iterate my interest? I'm hesitant though, as I'm not sure if this is necessary and I certainly don't want to pester them. How are others playing it?
  8. Hey there! Fellow waitlistee here....I'm so sorry you find yourself in this awful limbo of uncertainty. There's nothing worse than being so close yet so far from your dream program! Been there (still there lol)! I posted a few weeks ago asking about peoples' experiences on the waitlist and found everyone's responses very helpful and encouraging, take a look. I hope this is at least somewhat helpful. Sending positive vibes your way.
  9. Congratulations, I'm so excited for you! I can see how that is a tricky situation. A friend of mine who is currently in the program there shared some information with me that I found very helpful as I was considering whether to apply to their forensic track (ultimately I did not apply) - I'll PM you.
  10. I'm waitlisted at CUNY John Jay. It is my absolute top choice, and if a spot opens up and an offer is extended to me, I would be over the moon. Congratulations to all who received an offer - I'm thrilled for you!
  11. Hoping we all hear good news soon! It hasn't even been a full week since I received my status, but it feels like it was ages ago....is time slowing down lol? Keeping myself distracted has been difficult but helpful when I do manage it. Here are some things I've been doing, how about everyone else? Learned to make home-made artisan bread! Something about the smell of fresh-baked bread soothes the soul. Here's the recipe I used: https://cooking.nytimes.com/recipes/1018203-simple-crusty-bread Rereading an old favorite book, and started a new season of a TV series I've been watching lately (Life Below Zero - does anyone else watch it?) Booked a last-minute trip to Australia in 3 weeks! My husband is traveling there for business, and although I wasn't originally planning to join, I decided to just go for it, since planning and looking forward to the trip will definitely keep me busy. Currently I'm looking into camping in the Blue Mountains just outside the city. Putting on chill lofi music in the background while I'm at work. I usually prefer silence when I'm working, but this has been surprisingly relaxing and pleasant. Here's a good channel to start with: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W9CLdkkNn20 Has anyone listened to interesting/binge-worthy podcasts recently? Radiolab is one of my go-to's but it's been a little dull lately.... Two more months till April 15! Fingers crossed for all of us.
  12. Thank you, so much. Just gotta take this one day at a time, and do exactly as you're saying. This message is so uplifting and encouraging, I'm going to come back here and read it first thing in the morning every day lmao. 😊 Thank you for being such a positive and encouraging presence here on TGC!!
  13. Thanks for the encouragement! It's comforting to hear from someone who has been in this position, and I hope you end up in the right program for you! I guess my situation feels a little unique - I'm geographically limited in where I can realistically go, and my interests are fairly niche (forensics, violence). This was my first attempt - I applied to 6 programs, interviewed at 3 (and of these, was rejected at 1, waitlisted here at my top choice, and am waiting to hear from the last program, which while it seems great is a bit of a gamble since it is new and not yet APA accredited which is a big risk to take). I'm just not sure how I can concretely improve my applications for another attempt. I've been a research coordinator for a couple of years now, and have gotten quality research experience (plus two first-author publications, and other co-authored papers/posters) albeit in another field, and clinical experience in my area of interest. I'm not sure that additional publications or new clinical/volunteer work will tip the scales that much in my favor, but I guess it's worth a try. Maybe I will reach out to my POI's and ask how I can improve myself for another attempt. I've been told that there are a lot of factors that go into these decisions and that being waitlisted doesn't necessarily mean I lack qualifications, as there could be other forces at work....but its still depressing af haha.
  14. Wow that sounds nerve-wracking but still amazing! I'm so glad it worked out for you - fingers crossed for myself too. Thank you for sharing, this is a really helpful perspective and I hope as the initial disappointment wears off, I can look at it this way. I wanted to "love" this post but looks like I've maxed out my allotted reactions on gradcafe today! I'll have to check that song out, lol I've been having my own rotation on repeat since yesterday.
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