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  1. Neurophilic


    Hi everyone I'm in a bit of a dilemma and would appreciate some friendly advice. I have applied to some clinical psychology and neuropsychology programs for Fall 2019, but am also trying to think long term in the event that I do not get accepted. Around 3-4 months ago I began a new part-time job as a clinical research coordinator. I thought this job would be perfect for experience, but the environment is really not what I expected and is not in psychology. Now, I've been offered a job as a psychometrist with a 40% pay increase. Ultimately, as someone who is trying to get into these very competitive clinical psychology programs, which job do you think would offer a better foundation (and maybe impression for the admissions committee 😉)? Research coordinator or psychometrist? On another note, leaving a job after 4 months is not easy. Thanks! N
  2. Neurophilic

    Fall 2019 Clinical Psychology Canadian Applicants!

    Yeah haha I know it’s not a contract, but was a pain nonetheless 😂
  3. Neurophilic

    Fall 2019 Clinical Psychology Canadian Applicants!

    Anyone else found the CGS-M application to be extremely difficult when you have no idea what your project will be? 😅
  4. Neurophilic

    uOttawa Clinical Psych Application Submission

    I believe everything is on uozone. I submitted in person last year so I can't quite remember. I think I had done that for a reason however.. is it electronic or hard copy submission?
  5. Neurophilic

    Fall 2019 Clinical Psychology Canadian Applicants!

    I'm glad to see the Canadian post! This really helped last year. Best of luck everyone
  6. Neurophilic

    Potential supervisor response

    Thanks everyone. I guess I shouldn’t read too much into it. I just thought it was quite short. My other POIs had Skype/in person meetings with me so I found it rather strange.
  7. Neurophilic

    Potential supervisor response

    Yep! It’s actually a woman
  8. Neurophilic

    Potential supervisor response

    Hi everyone, I've been speaking with a potential supervisor and in the summer and they asked me to follow-up in the late fall to confirm if they were taking students for Fall 2019. When I followed up to ask they said "yes, go ahead and apply". I'm not really sure how I should interpret this or even how to reply 😂. Any ideas? Does this mean they are willing to supervise? Asking for a friend lol..
  9. Neurophilic

    Please Help! Apply for Clinical Psychology Canada

    I agree with FacelessMage.. If you're interested, McGill is direct entry PhD so a masters degree is not required and it's a four year program.
  10. Neurophilic

    Canadian MA clinical psychology admission, need advice

    For Ottawa you can also do a course in French as a language requirement. The French test is not an admission test, so you can do it anytime throughout your PhD. That being said, Ottawa is extremely competitive and given no one is doing the research you’re interested in, your odds are very low I would honestly suggest doing your GRE. If you want fast track, McGill is a direct PhD entry program so no masters degree is required - GRE is however. Its a crucial component to the application. I know you feel life is rushing by and you want to get in now, but I would say to take the year off and do the GRE. Be productive with your year off and get a job in research or any relevant field.
  11. Neurophilic

    Published abstract - any significance?

    Sorry - I should have been more specific. I meant the published abstract. Thank you!
  12. Hi everyone, I presented my research at a peer-reviewed scientific meeting and with that, my symposium speaker abstract was published in an open-access peer-reviewed journal. Is this even worth mentioning on a CV? It seems so trivial to me. Thanks!
  13. Neurophilic

    Fall 2018 CANADIAN clinical psychology

    I checked MyFile! Good luck!
  14. Neurophilic

    GRE and Clinical Psych (Canada) - should I retake?

    Thanks! I was actually rejected this year, but i have no publications. I just submitted a manuscript so fingers crossed it will help for next year . I'm certain this was my biggest weakness. I accepted a clinical research position in psychosocial oncology for the next year. Will definitely help. GPA will probably climb to 3.95/4. I did get a 5.5 for my written, so I'm not sure if it's worth retaking. My top choice is Ottawa and the GRE is not required. Congrats on your offer!
  15. Neurophilic

    Fall 2018 CANADIAN clinical psychology

    Finally got my rejection from York lol! Took long enough

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