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  1. I wouldn't add this to your CV. Most schools do ask whether you have applied for funding and you can also let your POI know. You can add CGS-M to your CV if you received the award or if you received and declined.
  2. I think it's a great first step. Definitely prepare as if it's a prelim interview. I skyped with my POI last year in October and now I'm working with her. She later invited me to visit her in person. Best of luck!
  3. Would you be notified by e-mail if your CGS-M app changed from alternate to offered?
  4. Just got accepted off the waitlist for my dream school 😭. Alternate for CGS-M but hopefully good news will come soon for that.
  5. I don't think @ventiamericano's POIs treated her in any way that was unfavourable, assuming that is what you mean. They were still willing to encourage and support throughout the application process. There are many factors that go into the decision process and although having connections seems pivotal, it's not a contract for future opportunities with the POI. I'm from Canada as well and I can't say it is largely how the process works here. It seems to be more transparent on what specific universities/programs are looking for and sometimes the decision is made by ad comm as opposed to the POI.
  6. I asked my POI lmao. We’ve been pretty transparent with each other. Because admission is ad comm dependent at this school she was open to tell me I’m next in line.
  7. Notified that i've been waitlisted at McGill.. next in line apparently. 8 offers have been sent out and 3 have yet to respond. So frustrating.
  8. My interests evolved from what I was exposed to. During my undergraduate degree, I really had no idea how to narrow it down. I started working in emergency med doing some cognitive research in two labs (more epi than psych), then I went into corrections in the government (addiction research, radicalized offenders), then I went into oncology and memory/sleep and finally cardiology. It was a whirlwind experience but it helped me understand what research is and what I enjoy versus what I don't. My area of interest became quite obvious after dipping my toes in each lab.
  9. I’m still waiting for McGill. The secretary told me decisions should be out by Friday.
  10. McGill Clinical decisions should be out by next Friday!
  11. Have York decisions gone out? This is what I'm hearing lolll.. @Jay's Brain do you know the scoop?
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