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  1. Counseling Psychology

    Congrats on the offers! If you're interested in academia, I would go for the program that offers more opportunities to get publications, write a great thesis (and get funding for this) and to present at conferences. This will help you stand out in the field and make connections necessary for future employment.
  2. Personally, I would hold off...unless I had an ongoing e-mail conversation with a POI or interviewer, I wouldn't hunt them down unless I had a specific, burning question. If you said "thank you" in the interview, that should be good Best of luck!
  3. Rejection after POI interview

    Did your POI give you an indication of when you'd hear/next steps? How did the meeting end? Mine said it could take a month, so I'm trying to tame the worry beast until then
  4. Decisions: What 3 factors are most important to you?

    Good questions! Congrats on having multiple offers If the programs are fairly similar and will result in equivalent credentials - I would prioritize studying in a place that I would eventually like to live. When I finished my MA in one province, I moved to another and found that I really lacked the network and connections that can be built through practicum etc. This made job hunting tough.
  5. Fall 2018 CANADIAN clinical psychology

    @iliketurtlestoo Career twins - love it! I had a revelation last year that I still had 25-30 years of my working life and that I still had time to make this dream come true. Fingers crossed for grad school adventures starting Fall 2018
  6. Fall 2018 CANADIAN clinical psychology

    Thanks so much, @Sharbar - same to you! I really admire your dedication. Honestly, I've been out of grad school for ages and it's very exciting to be back in the hunt! I know I would have regretted not trying again Good luck to everyone waiting.
  7. Fall 2018 CANADIAN clinical psychology

    It's true but the thought of re-doing essentially the same degree again is daunting. Do some people do this?
  8. Fall 2018 CANADIAN clinical psychology

    Thanks @Sharbar I have an MA in counselling psych too. I've only applied to one program because I'm stuck geographically I was mostly discouraged from applying to PhD directly too but I was advised that if I can demonstrate equivalency with my MA then there was a tiny chance...
  9. Fall 2018 CANADIAN clinical psychology

    Is everyone here applying to the MA programs? I did my MA years ago and am now applying for PhD - anyone else in the same boat? It's more of a canoe, adrift in a sea of hopes and dreams