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  1. +ve regard

    Fall 2019 Clinical Psychology Canadian Applicants!

    Re: OISE, if it's anything like last year, the faculty were still meeting to discuss candidates until end of Jan. I was contacted for an interview first week of Feb...but they might be on a quicker timeline this year. Good luck and the wait will soon be over
  2. +ve regard

    Fall 2018 CANADIAN clinical psychology

    CCP ...there so many abbreviations! Word is that news has gone out for several other OISE programs too. All through e-mail / SGS from what I've heard.
  3. +ve regard

    Fall 2018 CANADIAN clinical psychology

    Hi @lobstergirl I will send you a pm with more details
  4. +ve regard

    Fall 2018 CANADIAN clinical psychology

    U of T official letter arrived (via e-mail notification to check SGS)!! It was worth the wait! Keep the hope alive
  5. +ve regard

    Fall 2018 CANADIAN clinical psychology

    Congrats @Plunk, that must have been a great message to wake up to!
  6. I applied to clinical psych MA/PhD combined programs directly out of undergrad, many, many years ago. The first year, totally shut out. The second year, I applied to everywhere again along with some terminal MA programs at smaller schools (as @E-P recommended). Got one. Phewf. After working as a therapist for a while, I wanted to give the PhD program one last shot. I really researched the POIs and made contact in May of the application year. I attended a few local conferences and tried to meet as many as possible. I feel that there are so many excellent applicants on paper, this was my chance to make an impression and convince them to take a chance on me. They can go to bat for you when it comes to admission committee decisions. I feel like this is the advantage we have over medical school applicants, where so much of the pre-interview screening is purely numbers-based. I agree with @dr. bubbles that your statement is another chance to shine beyond the numbers. I spent a lot of time soul searching and thinking about why I wanted to do a PhD and why now. When I look back at my application materials from years ago, I wouldn't have admitted myself either! If you make those POI connections and really write a stellar statement of interest - this could be the bump you need to rise above the crowd of excellent applicants. There's always hope.
  7. +ve regard

    Fall 2018 CANADIAN clinical psychology

    @Laur479 and @Neurophilic pm'd you the program details I couldn't log into ACORN this morning and panicked! It's working now though. I can stop checking like a squirrel every hour.
  8. +ve regard

    Fall 2018 CANADIAN clinical psychology

    Haha - no! It still says 'Documents Received' @lovewemll I'm not a U of T student either (never have been...til now maybe?!). As @Neurophilic mentioned, once you're on ACORN, the 'Dashboard' is the main page and it's right in the middle of that. I hope you're able to log in, the system is a bit funny sometimes.
  9. +ve regard

    Fall 2018 CANADIAN clinical psychology

    I'm scared I will check the system tomorrow morning and it will be gone! I need a letter to hold and tuck under my pillow!
  10. +ve regard

    Fall 2018 CANADIAN clinical psychology

    "(the abbrv of the program) - Invited." I'm going to stay cool until I get an official letter/call/e-mail though. Hmmm.
  11. +ve regard

    Fall 2018 CANADIAN clinical psychology

    I've never been a U of T student but was sent login info to create a joinID among other things. The dashboard page was blank until today! Are you able to login?
  12. +ve regard

    Fall 2018 CANADIAN clinical psychology

    Any U of T applicants checked ACORN today? There seem to have been some additions under 'Degree Registration Status'...what does it mean?!?
  13. +ve regard

    Counseling Psychology

    Congrats on the offers! If you're interested in academia, I would go for the program that offers more opportunities to get publications, write a great thesis (and get funding for this) and to present at conferences. This will help you stand out in the field and make connections necessary for future employment.
  14. Personally, I would hold off...unless I had an ongoing e-mail conversation with a POI or interviewer, I wouldn't hunt them down unless I had a specific, burning question. If you said "thank you" in the interview, that should be good Best of luck!
  15. +ve regard

    Rejection after POI interview

    Did your POI give you an indication of when you'd hear/next steps? How did the meeting end? Mine said it could take a month, so I'm trying to tame the worry beast until then

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