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  1. For OISE (CCP) there are no departmental interviews and no open house. Candidates are usually contacted individually by POIs for a chat although I know some who've been accepted without a meeting! POIs tend to reach out for meetings late Jan - mid Feb and offers go out via an email to check the SGS portal in the first week of March. All the best with interviews and the ups and downs of waiting ❤️
  2. Yes, me! My MA is in counselling psych and I was admitted directly to PhD without having to make up any MA course/clinical work. There are others in my year who had another Master's (MA or MSc experimental psych or MEd counselling psych) and they either catch-up by doing MA clinical work or else re-doing the whole MA clinical degree. It really depends on the program you did, how your thesis work (or previous research) fits for your POI and how you can position your degree work as equivalent to that of the MA program you are hoping to skip it's definitely possible and not as unusual as you would think!
  3. OISE formal acceptances went out via an automated e-mail linking to SGS on March 5 last year. But I think you're in good shape if you've had an informal acceptance Still, an official letter is even better!
  4. I currently have classes with students who are 50+ and just starting their MA/PhD. I applied 3 times over a span of 15 years and will be in my early 40s when I finish my PhD. There's definitely no age limit! It might feel like this is the best (or only) path right now but you can fill your life with amazing experiences that will alleviate the pressure you feel right now. I absolutely felt the same way when I first applied. I now look back on my first application materials and I would not have admitted me There is always time and there is always hope. Just keep moving forward!
  5. @clinicalpsyapplicant I haven't heard of anyone at OISE who's been accepted without at least some contact with a POI (e.g. phone/skype/in-person interview). It's possible! I just think that if you're committing to work with someone for up to 6 + years, it makes sense to meet for the prof's and student's sake.
  6. Last year my POI said mid-March and the official e-mails came out first week of March (via SGS).
  7. Interesting idea, I know that in med/law schools they have hundreds of applicants for hundreds of spots and they generally accept straight out of undergrad + MCAT or LSAT. In this way, I think stats are much more straightforward and comparable for med/law...including the bigger sample size There are far fewer applicants for clinical psych (and only a handful who are active on this forum) and they have a huge range of experience (working in the prof's lab, another Master's, another PhD sometimes, clinical experience, volunteering etc.) There's also the huge factor of research interest and POI fit. It wouldn't be fair to compare your stats to that of another candidate because there are so many variables.
  8. Mine was for adult CCP but I've heard the timeline was very similar from SCCP classmates.
  9. I think they go to committee for final selections in mid-Feb, so there's still time
  10. Not too late! I was first contacted for an interview in the first week of Feb, so there's plenty of time for OISE
  11. What a dreadful time to send out a survey!! From my gatherings, everyone admitted to OISE programs will have done an interview (in person or skype) but perhaps there are exceptions! The official e-mail comes from SGS and has the terrifying title of Decision Reached For Your University of Toronto Application and then you follow the link to the SGS site, where is changed from 'Under Review' to 'Decision Made' and then you open a document (heart pounding) and see if it's an offer or a decline. My e-mail came in the first week of March.
  12. U of T (OISE) has CCP (Counselling and Clinical) and SCCP (School and Child Clinical), so those are both Clinical Psychology programs. But UTSC has the one that's just called 'Clinical Psychology.'
  13. Re: OISE, if it's anything like last year, the faculty were still meeting to discuss candidates until end of Jan. I was contacted for an interview first week of Feb...but they might be on a quicker timeline this year. Good luck and the wait will soon be over
  14. CCP ...there so many abbreviations! Word is that news has gone out for several other OISE programs too. All through e-mail / SGS from what I've heard.
  15. Hi @lobstergirl I will send you a pm with more details
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