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  1. Emailed OISE CCP coordinator. Asked if offers had been sent out yet and he said yes (and that all 5 spots were filled). Said that while there is always a chance someone who accepted their offer could change their mind and give a spot to the waitlist, it's unlikely.
  2. Do you mind sharing or PM me which school you were waitlisted at? Congratulations!
  3. I emailed OISE (for CCP) and they said applicants should hear back within the next couple of weeks.
  4. Canadian applicant here - has anyone applied or heard from Waterloo lately? I just received my official rejection from Guelph's IO program. Did anyone get accepted there?
  5. So sorry to hear that did you get an email alerting you about the portal? Best of luck!!!
  6. Thanks everyone! I think emailing the department/graduate coordinators is a really good idea (very relieved I didn't email my POI's).
  7. Hi everyone all my applications have been under review for a while now (York-Clinical, OISE-Counselling/Clinical, Guelph - IO, Waterloo- IO) so I'm pretty mentally prepared for rejections since I only had one interview with OISE. I'm wondering if it'd be appropriate to email my POI's (even the ones who never responded to my introducing myself emails during the application process) about the status of my applications? Can't take the waiting anymore. I'd also really like to ask them how I can improve my application for the future, but I'm not sure if that's too presumptuous since they see so man
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