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  1. Question: I've officially accepted one of my offers and I was notified of the funding package. It's decent but I was wondering if anyone knew anything about or thought about considering a grad loan to live more comfortably? Pros/cons? I don't have any undergrad loans so I don't think it would hurt me too much but I'm still indecisive. PS - Congrats to everyone who was accepted and good luck to those still waiting!!
  2. Hi! I'm the same boat as you but I've found tons of info in this post. I hope it helps!
  3. Should we contact our POI or program coordinator/admin for application status? I’ve called the admin twice and she hasn’t picked up either time.
  4. I know exactly how you feel. I am also feeling extremely embarrassed because I was really confident going in but now I’m a bit more nervous. I have only heard from two programs which I was waitlisted at. At this point, my hopes aren’t very high. I don’t really want to go to a masters program first but I’m beginning to consider it.
  5. Has anyone ever called a program to ask about admission decisions in general (without identifying yourself)? Is this looked down upon?
  6. Thanks everyone for the advice on interview questions!! On another note, has anyone heard from Michigan State’s Organizational Psych PhD program? I don’t see anything posted in results but they typically sent out notifications early January the past few years.
  7. Question: What’s the appropriate way to reach out to a POI & ask your position on the waitlist or is this inappropriate? We spoke over the phone where I was informed I was on the waitlist and I was told to reach back out if I had any other questions.
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