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  1. Hi I am in the UAlbany PHD program so if anyone there has been waitlisted or has questions feel free to reach out if you want and best of luck as I know this can be stressful time
  2. I contacted a professor and she told me after the deadline she was not taking students. I imagine they still saw my application though so I am not sure if it is worth it or not sadly.
  3. Well I heard from a program that I applied too from the last couple of years tell me they have no concerns over their PHD students getting an applied job but worry about their master students getting one. If it's worth it depends on if you are willing to give up 2 to 3 years of working salaries to do research on a cheap salary. So it's up to you on that regard.
  4. Your My Quant Score was basically that and I did not feel it held me back.
  5. Well the first question is do you have any interest in doing research. I am at a pretty industry focused PhD program but even the industry people are working on 3-5 research projects at a time. So if the answer is you don't like research a more applied masters program could be a good fit. From what I hear it's easier to get your foot in the door at a good company with a PhD but the downside is it takes an extra 2 or 3 year of being in school which can be time building up work experience. Generally PhD holder start earning more than master after the first 5 or so years but it's not easy to
  6. Hi good luck it's a tough process! A) In terms of reaching out to professors, it's really a crap shoot. I have done this process twice and have sent probably 20 emails and gotten a response of 10. It's a busy job so of course, it makes sense. I think the most important thing is them telling you if they are taking students or not. I have had professors email me after I applied that I am not taking students this year 😕 b ) I have apply to some of those schools on this list and can tell it can be quite deflating seeing the number of people applying! I think the big thing is just findin
  7. It's your life so you should do what makes you happy. Your happiness trumps some burnt bridges.
  8. Don't worry too much on those. A GPA that high will at least open the door to a lot of programs so they can see the rest of your profile.
  9. The program should tell you by tomorrow if you are rejected or still on the waitlist. You can still be accepted after the 15th if the people in front of you decline.
  10. Hi, This is my second round but in theory, I did worse this round (only 1 acceptance) than last year (multiple) but I am much happier with the program I picked this year. So not sure how much help I can be but I will be worried about the funding situation at FIT. I can't speak about the program (though I had one teacher from the school) but a PHD is not worth going into major debt.
  11. The deadline for funded admissions is April 15 but there is sometimes some leeway. Also I don't see any harm in contacting the schools. If you have another competitive offer you can always tell them you have an offer you like but still want to wait to hear from the waitlist schools first.
  12. Joegeo

    Albany, NY

    Bumping up for 2019, any tips for housing near uptown campus?
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