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  1. Not a bad idea! Next week is the final week for decisions. All programs have to hear back from the people they gave an offer to by the 15th or else they'll rescind that offer and start pulling people from the waitlist. Most candidates - myself included - have held onto offers until the last second, and everyone is going to relinquish them all this week since it's the final week to do so.
  2. So I've received contact from all of the graduate programs I applied to. I'm at the weird point where now I have to wait for everyone else to make their decisions before anything changes on my end. If any of y'all have offers from any of the programs I'm waitlisted at (found below), and you genuinely don't want to attend, I beg you to drop them! Applied: Bowling Green CSU LSU Clemson UCF Houston UGA Auburn Florida Tech Accepted Waitlisted Rejected
  3. This is definitely going to be the longest week of this cycle lol. Waiting to hear back from a program where you just attended Open House is stressful 😕
  4. So I just got my first rejection from the University of Houston. Can't say I fit their typical admit in terms of GPA/GRE, so I'm not too surprised. Congrats to everyone who did get in though!
  5. Returned from Auburn last night - it was an absolute blast! Their program really is fantastic, so I'm keeping my fingers crossed they decide to give me an offer.
  6. Also - I spoke with Dr. Sinclair from Clemson. They've made an initial round of offers, but expect at least one or two people to drop, meaning a few more offers might be given out. They plan on having the cohorts for both the Masters and Doctoral programs sorted out by the end of March.
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