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  1. Hello! Does anyone have ideas on how to thank your recommendors? Each of my 3 recommendors submitted 11 letters each for me, so I feel like I need to do something more than just send a thank you email 😕
  2. Hello! I am considering accepting a PhD offer from DePaul University. Any advice regarding affordable but safe student housing? I'm not expecting something walking distance to campus, but maybe a 30-40 minute ride on the 'el' ? Thanks!
  3. Has anyone else here applied to University of Houston? When do you think they start getting back to people? They had a pretty late deadline (Jan 15)
  4. My POI from UN-Omaha reached out with an offer, but I have to wait a bit to hear about funding. My first acceptance, so yay! I hope you hear something soon too! Has anybody heard from Penn State? And Michigan State? I find it crazy that their deadlines were Dec 1 and we haven't heard anything yet.
  5. That's insane! Even more so considering that their application deadline is one of the earliest (Dec 1). Oh wow - 3 out of 8 is great. Congrats! And this gives me hope, thanks! I'll try to postpone freaking out to the end of Feb
  6. I'm curious about this too! I've applied to 9 schools but TAMU one is my top choice, and I haven't heard anything. I can deal with rejection but not knowing is driving me crazy ? Who would you guys suggest emailing to check your application status - the POI or the department admissions coordinator?
  7. I'm applying to a program where there's only 1 person I really want to work with. I found out that they will be accepting students this year. But the program website explicitly asks applicants to name two professors they want to work with. Would it hurt my chances if I only mention the one I'm interested in working with?
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