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  1. One thing I picked up on in interviews and visits this year is that there are a lot of schools that you don't need a psych background to apply, however, psych applicants generally have MUCH more research experience than non-psych backgrounds just due to the nature of how most psych grad programs require more than other degrees. This may not be an issue for you, but just be aware of that! Most of the applicants I interviewed with had posters, 1-2 years research experience in labs, and other applied research experience. Other things may make up for it though! Good luck!!
  2. psychedpsyched

    Fall 2019 Industrial Organizational Psychology PhD

    Are you wanting to go into academics or applied? I feel for you, it was definitely the hardest decision I've ever had to make.
  3. psychedpsyched

    Fall 2019 Industrial Organizational Psychology PhD

    If it's always been a dream of your to do Teach for America, then you can always spin it like the other responder said to apply to preparing for presentations/teaching. BUT if you're just doing it because it's a nice thing to do before applying again then you might be better off getting research experience. In my experience with visiting schools and interviews it's people's research experience (even if not IO related directly) that stood out the most to faculty. I'd suggest researching local universities or hospitals to see if anyone needs research assistants/techs. A lot of research hospitals have behavioral/psychology departments that may be looking for research techs. Next best would be getting IO related field experience. Maybe there are private research firms or consulting agencies around you! Overall, in my opinion and from experiences, research experience will beat teaching every time (though maybe a counseling or community psych program would look fondly on Teach for America, I don't think IO programs would think much of it). Also worth mentioning that so many people in IO do want to go applied (depending on the program of course), they sometimes have a hard time finding people who even want to teach classes so it might not take that much to get a TA spot.
  4. psychedpsyched

    Decisions: What 3 factors are most important to you?

    I’d like to inquire about this fee, willing to pay BIG for someone else to make this decision for me 😩
  5. psychedpsyched

    Fall 2019 Industrial Organizational Psychology PhD

    I will not be attending, but I work for OU so if you're not from here and want any information on Oklahoma/Norman PM me!
  6. psychedpsyched

    Fall 2019 Industrial Organizational Psychology PhD

    I just want to echo what the others have said! The good first impressed is more important than an awkward phone call. It's always easier to only think of the bad parts of the phone call and amplify those, but I'm sure it's not as bad as you remember! Be confident and focus on the next step! It's never too late to leave a new impression! Your in-person impression will be much stronger than a phone call. You're going to do great!!!
  7. psychedpsyched

    I is stressed *Non-Judgmental Space for PhD Applicants*

    GOOD LUCK! You are so ready for this you're gonna kill it!!!
  8. psychedpsyched

    Fall 2019 Industrial Organizational Psychology PhD

    lil update: OU has been sending out Skype interviews over the last couple days. Good luck to anyone who applied there!
  9. psychedpsyched

    Fall 2019 Industrial Organizational Psychology PhD

    First I want to say there is NO shame in taking a gap year! I graduated in May 2017 and didn't want to take a gap year but realized this was going take a lot more out of me (and from me) to make it happen. I was able to find a job at a local university and gain a ton of research experience. My undergrad university didn't offer much in terms of research, I'm not even sure if they offered an honor's thesis for psychology. I don't have much "independent" in the sense that I did it all on my own, but a few 1st author posters. In my year off working full time in research I've been on 14+ posters and work on so many projects. There's no chance I would have been accepted anywhere without my gap year. It sounds like you still have a lot more experience than some and a lot of schools haven't made contact yet! Don't give up hope yet! But don't be afraid of taking a year (or 2, by the time I start I'll be two years out) it was the best decision I have made!
  10. psychedpsyched

    Fall 2019 Industrial Organizational Psychology PhD

    Got a call today that I've been accepted to UN-Omaha for the MA/PHD program as well! Has anyone heard anything from LA Tech?
  11. psychedpsyched

    Fall 2019 Industrial Organizational Psychology PhD

    YES! I spend way too much time looking at houses in a bunch of random cities I might not end up at. I’m just ready to start actually planning and preparing and not sitting around waiting!

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