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  1. Don't panic! (easier said than done). We are still in "peak-season" for interviews, and it will continue until roughly the 3rd week in February.
  2. Based on my subjective experience, most of my interviews (8) were more about my questions to them and less about their questions to me. I don't recall ever being asked an achievement-related question (e.g., define an eigen value?), so most of the questions don't have right answers- remember that. I don't know if anyone else can echo this, but make sure you prepare very good questions. Here are some examples: For current students: What would you improve about your program? What class was a waste of time? What are 3 things your adviser can do better? If you had to punish someone deeply, w
  3. You'd think a field that prides itself on developing effective selection systems would practice what they preach. One thing I learned from the process: a lot of programs aren't the most organized. Only one program I visited asked for feedback regarding the process- it's sad in a way.
  4. It's pretty early (e.g., at George Mason we are still on winter break). Definitely the calm before the storm...Here is a post I created last year: *** I've scraped the results survey with R and attached some longitudinal data for I/O decisions. See the title of each page for the type of decision. I've attached it. As you can tell the sample size isn't so strong...so take it for what it's worth. Takeaways: Jan 15th - Feb 15th seems like peak time for interviews February is ride or die: 23rd - 28th prime for interviews but rejection is also high in Feb Notice
  5. Yes, I wouldn't make any inferences based in the GPA and GRE scores. If you notice the black bars (standard errors) overlap on all of them. Good catch. What should make everyone feel better is the fact that perfect scores aren't as common in this data.
  6. Here you all are: Data on decisions This was a project I did last year. It doesn't include results as of this year but the sample is quite high (~35000). Keep in mind it's based on the results survey, so there may be over or under reporting (i.e., people may be more likely to report interviews than waitlists, or acceptances more than rejections) and some other biases.
  7. Of course, Lebreton. The student that accepted was very prevalent here last year. Super nice. You should reach out.
  8. I'm actually an applicant from last year. I wanted to drop-in and give everyone a frame-of-reference. First, good luck to everyone! This was one of the most humbling experiences of my life- but it will be worth it. A note about my application: I had some pretty good credentials, however, research experience is critical (arguably the most important). I didn't have that at the time of my application. Here are my final application results: School Program Title Interview Decision George Mason University PhD of Psychology:
  9. Hello Elmo, Position wise: there are a lot leadership develop shops that do leadership training and coaching. Look up the position "executive coach" on Indeed. Look at DDI for some opportunities. Best,
  10. @londonbnd, I did surprisingly well applying to I/O programs last year. Please see the link below for some good info: Information Also feel free to reach out so I can give you more personalized advice. You can be the best candidate on paper but may not get an offer- don't let it get to you. Oftentimes, the candidates that get accepted are those that are the luckiest. Not to take anything away from them, they work hard to put themselves in that position. There are a lot of random effects involved. Focus on your GRE for now Resources Here. You have a strong GPA and strong credentials g
  11. Hi Spyester, I've been working in the I/O field for about 3 years and will be returning to academia to finish my doctorate (I have my M.S.). If I had to give you a general taxonomy of where I/Os end up it tends to be an intersection between people and work. Specifically: Internal consulting- I would say this is the most common area, not positive though. Many HR departments will hire IOs the develop and improve processes related to: hiring, benefits, performance management, compensation, training, hr analytics, etc. External consulting- your tasks are similar to the ones ab
  12. As others stated, I feel it depends on your dynamic and personalities. I've already Skyped with my advisor numerous times to discuss research ideas, he has given me readings, and wants me to submit to a conference in August. I have a dull office job, and have a routine that allots me the convenience of being able to work on things. He will be a new faculty member and is chomping at the bit to get his name out there. Some advisors are really adamant about constant performance, whereas others are more relaxed (sometimes too relaxed). Regardless, your advisor chose you for a reason, you are
  13. All, It's that time of year again. Apparently time flies when you're filled with anxiety. I was an applicant in 2018, and I had quite a fruitful experience during the application process (a lot of it due to this website). However, that is not why I'm here. I'm here to provide you with information that, hopefully, will make your journey a little easier than mine. Here are some posts that may help: The things I wish I knew before applying Data on application trends Thoughts about interviews What do I look for in a program? Please feel free to reach out. A vast majo
  14. Hey AppliedCogPsych, You may have the credentials to apply to a single school and get accepted into that school (LA Tech) but I would definitely look more into where you can find a professor that fits your goals. I feel like you may be interested in Quantitative Psych and Measurement as well. I've attached a list of programs that may align with what you want to do. If you have the resources, apply to more than 1 program. 1) I can't speak to this directly, you may want to reach out to a student with similar interests currently in the program. 2) I/Os tend to have few true quant
  15. Hi Bassach, I hope you're doing well. I'd love to answer your questions (given this is just my experience), but know this may be highly contingent on where you want to work and what type of program you went to (highly applied MS or a theoretical MA etc). Note im also biased as many are when speaking about their career fields. What was your experience looking for jobs after completing the I/O Psych Masters? Is the degree recognized across the nation, are the positions highly competitive, etc.? I had a fruitful experience. I had 3 job offers a month after my graduation. Of the 12
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