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  1. for those who are receiving offers of acceptance congrats! have you guys replying back right away (thanking them for the offer and that you will let them know of your decision) or waiting a little while until your other interviews are done?
  2. CONGRATS EVERYONE SO FAR! are you guys replying back right away (thanking them for the offer and that you will let them know of your decision) or waiting a bit until your other interviews are done?
  3. Agree with Keyz about being prepared or tie in why multiculturalism and/or social justice is important. Could be asked about certain multicultural, social justice or ethical dilemmas you faced or experiences and how you learned from it, dealt with it, etc. Plus all the standard questions you would be asked at a clinical interview.
  4. thanks everyone! I actually ended up hearing from them yesterday and it was fantastic news!
  5. can anyone confirm that Stony Brook clinical psych sent out all of their invitation invites? apologies if someone has already said it somewhere on one of the threads and I know some people have posted on the results page.
  6. clinical psych, did you mean 2/12-2/14? applications for clinical psych weren't due until 12/15 haha. Thanks and congrats!
  7. has anyone confirmed that Stony Brook is DONE sending interview invites? *sorry too many messages and threads to go thru, but I know people have gotten invites already but have they all been sent?
  8. I got a schedule for the actual interview day during orientation on interview day. You can also ask what the schedule may look like if you want more specifics, like when the day will start if they didn't already tell you.
  9. now freaking out that I haven't heard of my status since interview weekend--does this go for being on the waitlist/rejected too? or are they waiting to hear from accepted applicants before reaching out to those they don't send offers to?
  10. this was for a counseling program so it may be a little different 1. be prepared for standard questions. we did not go in a specific order and I personally like to jump off another applicant when possible (like ___, I ____ (but then include my own experience/thoughts)). 3-4 applicants, 2 either student/faculty combos. Thought it'd be a lot worse or how others talk about trying to stand out/be more impressive. Just relax if you can and answer how you normally would if it weren't a group interview, but definitely throw in some of your highlights! 2. I also read some of their publications but it was never really discussed unless I guess you would want to ask them a question or two about their research. I thought about doing so but chose not to as we discussed other things and/or didn't really have the time during group interviews 3. opportunity to ask good questions but also take a breather. they were super nice and understood we might just want to chill. we had a social the day before so many interview questions were already asked then (unless we did not meet some of the students) or at least during my experience. many of us took the time to be ourselves and ask non-interview questions/"fun" questions to get to know the current students too. 4. Do your best to at least engage with some people and hopefully you will hit it off. That being the current students AND other applicants, hopefully they are friendly. Other posters have mentioned that you can tell when some programs are more cut-throat/competitive setting but I definitely think you should try to socialize so others don't get the impression that you may not be as friendly when its just that you are more shy (it could come across badly). You could wait until others come up to you but try getting into the habit of just introducing yourself and have some questions ready that you may want to ask current students, it'll get the ball rolling. My group of applicants were also very friendly so that helped and again we could just talk about non-interview things. Good luck!
  11. Can the person who posted for Stony Brook yesterday please send me their POI's initials? Thanks and congrats! posted in the POI requests thread too sorry in case it's not looked at
  12. Can the person who posted for Stony Brook yesterday please send me their POI's initials? Thanks and congrats!
  13. not sure how helpful this will be since everyone seemed to wear different outfits but i'll share my experience anyway-- I am a female and I wore a blouse, pencil skirt, tights and heels (definitely felt overdressed but I rather be overdressed than under...I also changed at the airport since I was not sure if I would have time in between my flight and the social and I was originally in comfy clothes). Other female candidates were in sweaters, dress pants, dresses and/or cardigans. Male candidates were in button ups and khakis. Grad students were mostly dressed down but professional enough that many of them said they came from practicum, so again females were in dresses and cardigans or dress pants and blouses. A few male students were in jeans but also business casual.
  14. to the person who posted about receiving a phone call then interview invite for UNC Chapel Hill, can you DM me your POI please? Thanks!
  15. To the person who posted on the results about UNC-Chapel Hill (phone interview from POI sent 1/2. Must be screened before formal in-person interview offer is extended for interview date 2/8) could you PM the POI's initials? Thank you!
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