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  1. Add me to the list of those rejected from Queen's. I'm heartbroken as this was my first choice I interviewed in January, attended the open house this past weekend, and had a super positive reception from my professor and several other members of the program. My application was even promoted to acceptance by my professor based off of my credentials and work experience, but because I'm an American and there are super strict rules on international students in Ontario, there was no funding available for me. Just when I thought I could escape the turbulence of the US and move on to a sexuality research haven...
  2. Just checking in again to see if anyone’s heard from Queen’s. I thought I would have heard by last Friday, but I haven’t heard anything official since my interview on 1/7. I’m worried that I’ve been put on a waitlist perhaps for funding reasons (I’m an international applicant). My professor indicated they would be promoting my application to acceptance, but I think the meeting to discuss applicants was over two weeks ago. Getting concerned since the open house is next weekend...
  3. I was also really hoping to hear back today, but nothing has come through my inbox. I guess we'll just have to continue to be patient
  4. hdclark

    Gender/Feminist Studies (Fall 2019)

    Ahhhh dang, just got a rejection from U. Michigan's Psychology and Women's Studies Joint program. I really liked their program and am a bit disappointed, but fortunately I have other things in the fire! That also hopefully means that their admission announcement will go out soon. Good luck to those still in the running!!
  5. hdclark

    Fall 2019 Clinical Psych Interview Invites

    I have a nose ring and a lip piercing. I plan on taking out the lip piercing and keeping in the nose ring, as I feel like those are more common. I don't want to completely surprise them with two piercings suddenly appearing if I do get accepted! For first impression's sake, however, I want to tone down just a bit.
  6. For those wondering about Queen's: I emailed my POI to see if I should wait for an official invitation to the open house to book my flight (I would be coming from the US), as she had invited me verbally in the interview at the beginning of January, but I haven't heard anything since (like others here). She mentioned that the committee met on Thursday of last week to discuss Canadian applicants, and international applicants haven't been discussed yet. She said official invitations should be coming soon, but didn't give an exact timeline. I hope that helps ease some worried minds, I know it helped me relax just a bit!
  7. I think someone posted that they had their prelim meeting last week and would probably be sending open house invitations this week. I may have worn out my refresh key waiting on this one...
  8. hdclark

    Fall 2019 Clinical Psych Interview Invites

    I heard from my POI the second week of January, their program interview date is 2/15/18. Not sure if all invitations have gone out, but that would be my guess at this point.
  9. This is a separate thread that has a lot of good information about interviews in general, including the group interview process. Good luck to you!
  10. hdclark

    Fall 2019 Clinical Psych Interview Invites

    I'm fairly certain that Queen's doesn't do in-person interviews, they just have Skype interviews and then invite you for an open house, which is March 1st. Skype-only interviews are somewhat common for Canadian programs, I think? Anyways, there's a Canadian Clinical Psychology forum that will have lots of info if you're trying to keep track of things. Hope to see you at the open house in March
  11. hdclark

    Fall 2019 Psychology PhD Applicants!

    I've got a question for folks that I'd appreciate some opinions on. I booked my flight to interview with a competitive program after doing a prelim phone interview a few weeks ago. Last week, I received an interview offer for another competitive program on the same day that I'll be traveling. I can't rebook my flight and they are only offering interviews on this one day (I already asked about an alternate date). I have the possibility of scheduling an interview late in the day, but I'll be staying with a graduate student from the first program. Do you think it would be inconsiderate to interview for another program while staying with someone from a different program? On the very first evening we meet, in particular?
  12. hdclark

    Gender/Feminist Studies (Fall 2019)

    @saramariek Upon looking at the entries for the Joint Women's Studies programs at Michigan, it looks like people found out acceptances in Mid-February and rejections at the end of February. Still time yet then!
  13. hdclark

    Gender/Feminist Studies (Fall 2019)

    That's good to know, I'm not sure what the regular timeline is for Women's Studies programs. Most Psychology programs let you know by the end of January it seems like.
  14. hdclark

    Gender/Feminist Studies (Fall 2019)

    Did anyone else apply to University of Michigan's Psychology and Women's Studies program? And if so, have you heard anything? It looks like most of the other psychology programs in the department heard back on 1/11/19, but I can't find anything in the results database for this degree.
  15. hdclark

    Fall 2019 Clinical Psych Interview Invites

    Sorry about that! It's the first Counseling Psych program I've been accepted to so far, everything else has been Clinical so I posted it here without thinking it all the way through. The other thread with 60+ pages is a bit overwhelming though.

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