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  1. School: Saint Louis University Concentration: Clinical Type: PhD Date of acceptance: 3/7/2019 Notified by: Phone call from DCT with offer from TW.
  2. School: Virginia Commonwealth University Concentration: Child-Adolescent Track Type: PhD Date of acceptance: 03/1/2019 Notified by: Phone call from POI Just when I thought getting into a PhD program wasn't happening for me, I got accepted into my top program choice!!! Tears fell after I hung up the phone because of the relief. Feel free to DM for PI!!! IT'S BEEN A PLEASURE ANXIOUSLY AWAITING WITH ALL OF YOU ❤️
  3. I would accept the offer if they gave it to me, so I framed it as after having more time to think about what I’m looking for I became further excited about the opportunities available at their program and her mentorship etc etc. I don’t feel comfortable sharing the school at this juncture, but I hope you’re right in that it’s good news!!
  4. PI is calling me tomorrow after I sent her another follow up email a couple of weeks after interviews (had emailed her a thank you and got a very positive sounding response). Assuming I’m on the waitlist or rejected at this point but can’t help but hope for the best! This is going to be the longest 24 hours of my life...AHHHHHHH! No acceptances so far after feeling really good coming out of interviews and I’m starting to lose hope grad school isn’t happening for me
  5. Hate to be that person but has anyone heard from TS post interview at VCU? Trying to determine if I should be applying for new jobs! The stress is getting to me and want to take some control back if possible!! Thanks
  6. If the person who got accepted to VCU doesn’t mind DMing me their PI, that would be much appreciated! And congrats!!
  7. To the person who just posted re virginia commonwealth waitlist was that post interviews and do you mind sharing what PI?? Feel free to dm!!
  8. Thanks! I got the offer saying I’d be working with JD!
  9. School: East Tennessee State University Concentration: Clinical Type: PhD Date of acceptance: 02/22/2029 Notified by: Phone call from DCT
  10. On behalf of everyone who applied this year I would just like to say, "AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!" That is all.
  11. Ahhh that’s TERRIBLE!! They shouldn’t make it sound so promising if they aren’t following it up with an offer! Good vibes to you too 🙌🏽🙌🏽
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