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  1. Being interested in multiple PI's shouldn't be an issue at all, unless the individual program indicates otherwise. Some programs encourage applicants to list multiple faculty members, especially on the application. I would just make sure that if you're going to be listing more than one person, that you are able to explain your rationale for doing so. Additionally, when indicating interest in multiple PIs, it might make sense to list your top choice first in both your application (where applicable) and your personal statement. Order doesn't always matter, but it might occasionally.
  2. School: University of Denver Program: Clinical Child Psychology PhD Type of Invite: Email from POI for in-person interview Interview Date(s): Option to choose between interviewing on 2/25 or 3/1 Feel free to PM me for info on POI or anything else good luck everyone!
  3. Of course! It's definitely the name of the game, it just was especially disappointing for me because it was my top choice and the first school I heard back from. And yes, I applied to work with JL. Best of luck to you too!
  4. Yeah, for UGA they sent an email the next day after they sent out interview invites letting applicants know that they would not be receiving an interview and to expect a formal rejection in the coming months or so. I do not think it will be like that for most schools, however.
  5. Apparently someone has received an interview invite for the clinical psych program today. Not sure if I should start being bummed out or not already...
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