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  1. Make sure to reach out to all your POIs in some way before the application season begins. It's even better if you can meet them in person. I know that's not feasible for everyone, but say you're at a conference and a POI is there? Introduce yourself!! Ask if they're taking a student! Also, don't be afraid to contact POIs outside of the core faculty if you're interested in their work. Some programs are very interdisciplinary and may not list all the POIs that can take students on the psych dept page. You can't always figure everything out with a google search. This also applies to grants and current projects. It never hurts to contact a POI and ask about future studies.
  2. 1) The stipend is on the lower end, but CoL is also relatively low. There’s a chance I’d need some financial assistance, but would definitely be on a tight budget either way. 2) My POI has been at the same institution for the last 30 years or so, so their retirement is certainly possible, but I’ll make sure to follow up on this. I actually interviewed w one of their colleagues who is interested in a co-mentorship and my POI is the director of a research center where I’ll be working w other faculty in the field.
  3. I'm currently debating between 2 clinical psych Ph.D. offers, however, the situation is a tad irregular and I'm having trouble weighing the pros and cons. Here's the deal: School 1) I've been offered a spot at a good program where I felt accepted as my genuine self, made a great connection with my POI, have the option to collaborate with another PI in my field, and have been nominated for a scholarship that would increase my stipend to a decent amount. It's a well-respected program, but the location is less than ideal and my POI is more of a junior person in the field. School 2) I was offered deferred admission (a spot in 2020's cohort) at a great program that's ranked much higher than School 1. The stipend is larger, I would not have to take out loans and would still be able to live comfortably within my means. The school is located in a major city and my POI is a very prominent member of the field. I've confirmed I could get the deferred offer in writing. The program is designed to be completed in 5 years. Also, I have a job in my field that is secure for the next year. Is this an easy decision and I'm just overcomplicating things? Halp 😓
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