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  1. Hi there! I know I wasn't the original person you asked, but I ended up doing an MA even though I had strong undergrad stats so I thought I would chime in. I applied to all PsyD programs my senior year and only got into one program that I really didn't like because I didn't have enough research experience. I decided to turn it down to do a masters. My masters allowed me to really refine my research interests (I finished my masters with a COMPLETELY different interest than what I started it with) and build my CV with posters. Although PsyDs are less competitive than PhDs, they are still very co
  2. I got into multiple PhD programs without a thesis! I don’t think this is super important at all. What is important is showing in depth research experience and a solid direction that lines up with your POIs. In order to do demonstrate this, i would definitely recommend getting a job for a few years as a research assistant. Not only will this help your application, but you will be making actual money and be able to start paying back some of the loans. Things might be difficult to find right now, but Im sure some labs are still hiring and even if not you can always wait another year. Dont po
  3. Hi there, I wouldn’t think the GPA would be a major issue (most PhD programs have an average GPA of around 3.5/3.6 so you’re not too far off) if you had very good GRE scores and solid research experience, and were able to articulate your senior year drop. However, the research experience is what will actually be the weak point of your application, not necessarily your GPA. I would recommend trying to get a job in a research lab the next two years and hone your interests instead of doing a masters. If you’re hell bent on a masters, make sure to do one with a thesis component.
  4. To be frank, masters are not very competitive. I’m not familiar with NYU’s program in particular, but generally if you have a decent GPA and decent GRE scores you should be good. Also volunteer work and such are not important for grad school in the same way it is for undergrad. What’s most important is having a clear statement of purpose and understanding why exactly you want to obtain this degree. If you can nail a good personal statement and have the scores I mentioned previously, I would think you would be in a very good position. I know you didn’t ask specifically about the program, b
  5. Did anyone ever hear from Rosalind Franklin? It wasn't a good fit for me and I accepted a position elsewhere soon after the interview there, but I'm surprised I never heard anything from them and never saw anyone else post anything! I thought it was a great program and the students seemed super happy, just wasn't the right research fit for me. Since I accepted elsewhere I never followed up about a decision, but am still super surprised I never saw anyone post any results from them.
  6. I was in a similar situation regarding funding. I received 3 offers from partially funded PhD programs, and an offer from an unfunded PsyD program. Going with a partially funded PhD sounds like a no-brainer over an unfunded PsyD, right? I ended up picking the PsyD as crazy as that sounds. I am also in a position where I do not have to take out loans if unfunded, and when I took funding out of the equation, I realized happiness was most important. I knew with 100% certainty that I would be happiest in the PsyD (Im currently in the masters program there) so I went with that. In the end, the
  7. I have to agree with this too. I had a very niche research interest, and had only done work with adjacent populations (disordered eating instead of eating disorders). I had an interview with one of the leading eating disorder researchers in the field, and was heavily intimidated by the other applicants on interview day who had years of experience with eating disorders. However, the PI and I hit it off during the interview and despite my lack of in depth research in the field, she sensed my passion and loved my proposed dissertation topic. I ended up getting the offer without a single publicati
  8. If it makes you feel any better, I imagine that most people won't defer their acceptances. I know I'm not! It might even be less competitive as people may decide not to apply in the fall if they did not have enough time to study for the GRE, get publications accepted, etc. So if you feel you will be in a good position to apply this fall I think that the current situation could actually work to your advantage.
  9. If the poster of SLU sees this I would greatly appreciate if you PMed me your POI! Thanks!
  10. A bunch of people rejections and waitlists last week, but to my knowledge no one has been accepted yet
  11. This happened to me two years ago and the program all but guaranteed me I would get off bc of that position. Low and behold, I never did and I was crushed bc I had been reassured so many times. Not to be a downer on your parade, but just want to give you another perspective so you don’t feel as crushed as I did!! Sounds like you have a good outlook though (and mindhunter is a fabulous show).
  12. Right?! I wouldn’t think too much into if it weren’t for the mention of deposit and both rejection and waitlist notifs but no acceptances... there was only one waitlist though so I keep telling myself that could definitely still be a possibility.
  13. Was just about to come on here to ask the same thing! I received the same email. Very strange. Part of me wonders if it means we were accepted as they mentioned the deposit upload not working and I’ve seen both rejection and waitlist posts... but I also know never to read too much into these things hahaha. Glad to know someone else is in this position too though!
  14. Also, I would try and get a few poster presentations. Programs know publications can be tricky because it’s all based on timing. However, submitting a few poster presentations is a great way to show research productivity. You could start by developing one on your honors thesis.
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