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  1. Wow! Thank you! You're right. I should want to get into a program I really want, rather than just applying and going with what works. Between the time I originally posted and now, I am more open and accepting of the gap year idea. I have a question about masters programs. From my internet searching, I've seen people say that getting a MA is really only necessary if you're college performance wasn't great. Was this the case for you or did you have another reason? A MA could be helpful to gain more experience and narrow down what I want to do. Why did you go for an MA?
  2. Hi. I'm a rising senior (undergrad) planning on applying to doctoral programs this fall in need of some guidance. Right now, I am leaning towards applying to Psy.D. programs. I just don't love research. I am pretty neutral about it, but I know it is something I don't want to do for my career. I know all about the funding situation, but I am fortunate enough to be in a financial position where that is not a major concern. Obviously, I would still prefer funded programs. Because of my neutral feelings regarding research and my preference for clinical work, I have been pretty set on the Psy.D. fo
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