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  1. School: University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign Type of Program: Clinical-Community Acceptance Date: 2/26/2020 POI: CH
  2. I got an e-mail from the POI and told that an official written offer will be sent later.
  3. Sure! PhD programs typically lean heavily towards research, so revealing that your interest leans more towards practice may be perceived as either a mismatch or bring up concerns about whether the person is fine with committing themselves to research for the next 5+ years. Her advice was to basically go a "white lie" route if practice is a primary interest and say that you're interested in both, but lean towards research. There was one program that actually told us to be honest about our career goals during the interview and encouraged us to not lie that we're 100% into research though, so it'
  4. 1) You can definitely get into a PhD (Can't speak for PsyD as much) in clinical psychology programs with a MA outside of clinical psychology. You would not be disadvantaged, and probably advantaged if anything unless you didn't do well in the program (Assuming it's a general/research-oriented one). 3) A Masters definitely helps if it can patch up your weak points as an applicant (e.g., lack of research experience, poor undergraduate GPA, etc). Unless you are applying to a program more clinically oriented, research tends to be valued over clinical experience. If anything, depending on the pro
  5. From what I noticed, no one had any problems with data analyses with their laptops in the masters program I'm currently attending, so I doubt it'll be an issue to begin with. The only time I recall a laptop having issues with analyses was actually from the professor's laptop for a psychometrics/measurement seminar, but that's because he intentionally tried to create as much variability as possible by not training or explaining anyone in coding a specific behavior to demonstrate issues with reliability. Unfortunately, there was too much variability in responses, and SPSS was not happy. But g
  6. As a current student in the program, I know that some of the labs have already chosen their incoming graduate students, but I can't say if they actually informed they officially informed the applicant. So I'd say that you'll definitely hear back soon.
  7. Update for Iowa State University: I contacted my POI about a week after the estimated time they gave for announcing admissions, I am informed that I am placed as top choice on the waitlist, but it's too early to provide more information beyond that. A friend I made during interviews also told me that she got a rejection e-mail one day prior, so my guess is that e-mails are sent out to interviewees who they made a definitive decision for their application.
  8. Agreed, and to elaborate further, even subdisciplines within a field have varying views of what is a high impact factor. To use psychology as an example, journals focusing on cultural issues tend to have smaller impact factors compared to broader subfields such as social psychology. Then, you have subfields that can publish in other fields such as biomedical journals or education journals because of overlap, and those outside fields have their own standards for "good" impact factors (Although that can be a good thing if said outside field typically has higher impact factors compared to your fi
  9. New Mexico State University just sent an e-mail that I am placed at second alternate choice (Waitlist), so anyone who got an interview should check their e-mail since this was sent by a faculty member coordinating the admissions process and not the POI.
  10. @sassyyetclassy already touched on the multiculturalism point a bit, but I'll go more in-depth about it as someone that applied to both clinical and counseling programs with a focus on multiculturalism in research and practice. While there are clinical faculty members/labs that addresses cultural/diversity issues in their research, the researchers that address these topics are more often in counseling programs because counseling psychology has a longer history of addressing multiculturalism whereas clinical psychology is beginning to take the steps to address it more seriously. You'll also fin
  11. In my previous application cycle, I was waitlisted for one MA program and one PhD program. I was ultimately rejected from the PhD program, although I got into the MA program after an additional interview with my mentor and cleared her concerns about whether I would be happy doing research on child and adolescent populations. Not going to lie, I cried a lot during the day that I got rejected by the PhD program because the POI was someone that heavily influenced my interest in mental health stigma and help seeking research and it hurts knowing how close I was to getting into the program (The amo
  12. Something that my PIs told me in lab is that graduate program application pages/status are generally not a good way of determining whether decisions have been made because those sites typically handle all graduate programs and not just the psychology department. In most cases, it doesn't update from "in review" until all graduate programs in the university made their decisions. Therefore, I wouldn't stress about the page saying that it's still under review. Definitely a stressful/awkward situation, but it's not as bad as it seems.
  13. It... may have been inspired by half of my research conference submissions lol Thanks! Luckily (?), my previous round of applications resulted in two waitlisted schools (With the PhD program rejecting me in the end), so I'm more or less desensitized to the waitlisted gloom and focusing on prepping for my other interviews and finishing up my thesis and letting it become a pleasant surprise if it turns out that the slot opens.
  14. Finished the interview this morning, turns out that the POI already offered admission to a student, but extended an interview for shortlist/waitlist options if the person rejects the offer. Based on that, I think offers are already sent out, and any interviews offered at this point would be for alternative options unless the professors are working on interviews at a different pace.
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