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  1. School: Kean University Concentration: School-Clinical Psychology Type: PsyD Date of acceptance: 3/31/19 Notified by: Email from director of the program, with official acceptance to arrive soon.
  2. Which school is this for?? I'm still waiting to hear back from one too and they told me I'd hear around now as well!
  3. Personally, I would recommend redoing most of your old SOP, if not the whole thing. This is my second time applying. While I realized what my most obvious shortcomings were and fixed them for this round (specifically lack of clinical/research experience and published papers), there may have been other problems in my previous applications that were not so obvious that I could improve on. One of which I think was my SOP. Maybe it was fine, but personally, reading it over, I knew I could do even better. Not just with updates about my current endeavors, but just giving it a new spin to tell these
  4. Hard for me to say, since I've only gotten one acceptance so far, but that program's POI didn't reach out to me personally to say I've been accepted. I heard from admissions. It probably depends on the program on whether or not POIs reach out to applicants to inform them of their status. I'm sorry you got rejected though, especially after hearing what seemed like a positive message from the POI. ☚ī¸
  5. Anyone that got accepted to LIU Brooklyn (congrats btw!) willing to provide a little more information, like your POIs? Still haven't heard anything on my end, which is making me anxious. Feel free to DM if you prefer that. 😊
  6. I know! I can't attest to the quality of the program, but I heard through other applicants I met at other interviews that the whole "stress interview" situation is very real there. Sounded intense!
  7. Is there another POI you would consider working with at that program? At one program I interviewed at, they said they were really open to students switching mentors if they felt their current mentor wasn't the right fit. If your program has that mentality, that could be an option. Otherwise, if there aren't any other POIs that you feel you'd be willing to work with (or the program looks down on/does not allow switching), I would definitely agree that you likely shouldn't go. ☚ī¸ You're going to be with this POI for the next 4-6 years, so you want someone who is going to support you and be
  8. It really depends on the program. I heard exactly a week after my interview for one program regarding my acceptance. For my other interview, I still haven't heard back and its been almost a month (and looks like no offers have been extended yet). I'd say on average 2-4 weeks after an interview, but it really just varies. I know the wait really stinks. ☚ī¸
  9. I wouldn't panic about the foregoing a promising opportunity part. I did the same thing when I emailed my POI after an interview to thank him for his time. He added something about how he'd hope to see me in the fall but to also pick the program that best works for me. I ended up getting accepted! I think your POI is just trying to be considerate in case you get a better offer elsewhere. 😊 I wish I could offer advice about the outside funding (sort of in the same boat at the moment, so I'd love to hear some insight too). I hope the funding works out so you can get your acceptance!!!
  10. Right! I was just replying in the sense that it is always good to have a few good questions for anyone. I think they're appreciated and could make you stand out/show how serious you are. 😊 I wish I had some good specific questions for an admissions committee. I've only interviewed with POIs/grad students/alumni. You can maybe ask what they thing is the most distinguishing feature their program has that makes them stand out from others, what students do after graduation (like employment), financial aid questions, etc. What advice they might have for you in order to best succeed in the prog
  11. I wouldn't say it is a bad sign, but I think my POIs appreciated me having questions to ask. One in particular noted he was impressed how prepared I was (had a notebook with some questions written down) and he usually doesn't get such "good questions." I ended up being accepted to the program! I don't think that's what got me in, but at the very least the POI took notice and I think it made me stand out a little more. My advice is just think of a few good questions for each person interviewing you. 😊
  12. Huh, I've never gotten the least favorite part of research question before. That's a toughie. I second this 100% when it comes to questions about weaknesses! Always be honest - it makes you look real, since no one is perfect. Sometimes people try to turn a positive into a negative ("My weakness is I care too much!") and that never looks genuine. I usually talk about public speaking (which is true!). Then, you provide a little more detail, like a specific example in your life when this weakness emerged. Finally, talk about ways you've been improving. For me, I've taken classes that have
  13. Thank you so much!!!!!!! 😃 I feel like a huge weight has been lifted off my shoulders from all the worrying!
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