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  1. Hi all! I am a student in Fordham University's Clinical Psychology PhD program and I know how hard it is to be in your position! So, I am happy to answer any questions anyone may have about this process in relation to Fordham or really any Clinical PhD program! Fell free to direct message me :]
  2. Moving to NYC to attend Fordham University's Clinical Psychology PhD program!! I am very excited!!
  3. School: Fordham University Concentration: Clinical Psychology (neuropsychology specialization) Type: PhD Date of acceptance: 3/21/2019 Notified by: POI emailed me, 20 minutes later DCT emailed me, a few hours later received the notification that the official offer letter was available in the application portal. Very excited as this was the second time I interviewed at Fordham. I am accepting the offer!
  4. I agree with what some others said about... if you did not interview, it is safe to say you no longer are being considered for admission. BUT, if you did interview, definitely do NOT assume rejection yet! I interviewed at the Univ of Florida for the clinical psych PhD program as well, I applied to/interviewed with neuro/CAN faculty and I have not heard from anyone yet since the interview. I am guessing that correspondence will be an individual email from the DCT and/or direct correspondence via phone or email from the POI. The person that posted the admissions offer was NOT offered admission by either of the POIs I applied to (I spoke with that person via PM) so I am assuming that POI is just much quicker than all the other POIs. Plus, INS was the week after interviews and this week is UF's spring break so maybe those two things play a role in why other faculty have (seemingly) yet to send out admissions offers AND why they haven't been responding to you emails. Hopefully more people that interviewed at UF will start hearing/posting soon! It is definitely my top choice so I am hoping for good news!
  5. I also applied to the clinical psych PhD at Washington State University and I received an email on January 31st from the psych department saying, "Hello thank you for your application to the Clinical Psychology doctoral program at WSU. We are in the process of extending invitations to our initial round of applicants who are getting an interview invitation for our March 1st interview day. Although you are not among that list, you are still under consideration for a position (i.e., depending on how the initial process goes). We will be in touch with you mid-late March with more information, or earlier if we have more information available or if an interview spot becomes available." I am pretty much assuming rejection at this point. I just cannot see the interviews tomorrow going so poorly that they would interview myself or anyone else on the WL.
  6. Has anyone heard from the Clinical Psychology PhD program at the University of Florida post-interview? Has anyone received an admissions offer from Fordham University?
  7. I am also WL for the clinical psych program at Fordham University as well but for a neuropsych mentor. I haven't seen anything either and I looked back at the results pages for last year and only saw one acceptance post. Seems odd that more people aren't posting for this program. Dr. Cruise did say in the email telling us our WL status that the GSAS would be sending out formal notifications in 7-10 business days (today is day 8 I think and I have not gotten anything from GSAS telling me that my formal status right now is WL). I wonder if anyone who did get an informal admissions offer is waiting to post about it until they receive the formal notification from GSAS. I don't know but I'm hoping we both hear something soon!!
  8. I went to Kent State for my undergrad degree and continued to work in a lab after graduation for a little while. They are an AWESOME school and a FANTASTIC Clinical Psych PhD program!! Every faculty member at Kent is awesome! Congratulations!!!!
  9. Has anyone heard from the Clinical Psych PhD program at Marquette University since the interviews?
  10. I am a Clinical Psychology PhD applicant and the current round is not my first round. I have sought feedback on how to improve my application from programs I have and have not interviewed at. My former master's program adviser and the majority of psychologists I currently work with (some said they advise against it) said they don't see a problem with it and said it is something they doubt would hurt me. I was told to be sure to type a well thought out, clear and concise email, nothing wordy, whiny, or desperate sounding. They said it wouldn't hurt to try and if someone does not want to respond they can simply not respond. Depending on the program, I have either emailed POIs directly or DCTs and I received great feedback from many of them, a few just sent me back generic stuff about the competitiveness of Clinical Psych PhD programs and how great applicants are passed up because of it etc. etc., and there were only a couple that just completely ignored me. Overall, the feedback I got definitely helped me and this year I was invited to interview at three programs, one of which I have previously interviewed at so obviously they were not turned off by my request for info on how to improve my application. I do know that there are a lot of people that would advise against seeking feedback on how you can improve your application in the future but as I said, for me it was helpful. You could be told it was nothing personal and that your application is great but that due to a change in funding, your POI is no longer taking a student or the rejection is related to some other factor that is not something within your control... that happens more than people think. I hope this is helpful!! I'm happy to talk more about my experience with it if you wanted to PM me.
  11. It certainly does vary by program. I had two interviews last week and both said that all interviewees would know their status within 2-3 weeks.
  12. Does anyone know anything if all interview invites have been extended for the Clinical Psychology PhD program at Washington State University (in Pullman, WA)? I have only seen one post on the results page and two posts in the clinical psych interview invite forum. I know their interview day is March 1st. If anyone knows if their interview offers are finished being extended or not, please let me know! Thank you!
  13. I know you posted it a few days ago but I got a mass email today at 5:30pm from the director of the Clinical Psych PhD program inviting me to interview on one of two days - January 25th or February 1st.
  14. School: Fordham University Type: Clinical Psychology PhD Date Of Invite: 01/14/19 Type of Invite: Mass email from DCT Interview date: 1/25/19 OR 2/1/19
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