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  1. I had an interview with a program over 2 1/2 weeks ago, but the program originally said they would likely need 1-2 weeks to send out decisions. I want to keep waiting it out for now, but is it acceptable to follow-up with a program post-interview? Any advice is greatly appreciated!
  2. Can Georgia State posters DM me initials of their POI(s) as well? Thank you in advance!
  3. https://youtu.be/vWohaZfuQRI I really enjoyed this video. It gave me inspiration shopping for interview outfits! Some of these looks are a bit more casual, but I appreciate the different outfit ideas that can be done with a blazer. Many blazers + pant suits make me feel maternally so I appreciate this video for a more modern twist.
  4. Has anyone not received a rejection from Nebraska Lincoln, but still hasn’t received an e-mail invite from their POI? I haven’t received a rejection, but saw my POI extended an invite on the results page. Wondering if I should accept my rejection fate 🙃
  5. Could Ohio University DM me their initials as well? Thanks!
  6. School: Utah State University Type: Combined Clinical/Counseling Psychology PhD Date of invite: 12/18 Type of invite: Received a phone call from POI (JT). Invite to the formal, in-person interview Interview date(s): 1/23- 1/24
  7. To the Ohio State and Penn State posters: Could you DM your POIs initials? Thank you!
  8. Hi, I definitely do not have as much experience/knowledge as a lot of people on this thread (this is my first time applying to Clinical Psyc programs and I've had 1 prelim phone interview so far). However, I figured I would share my experience since it might be helpful. For my prelim phone interview, my POI started the interview with "this is an informal style interview... do you have any qs for us?" I'm sure this varies widely for phone interviews, but most of my phone call was based largely on my own qs, which guided the interview. I would highly recommend prepping a word doc of qs to ask during the phone interview. Your POI will likely ask if you have any qs, and it's important that you ask qs to show that you are interested in their program and have done your research. Mitch Prinstein's guide has some excellent interview qs that are useful http://mitch.web.unc.edu/files/2017/02/MitchGradSchoolAdvice.pdf It also helps to touch up on your CV and to be able to explain your research interests and how they relate to/ have prepared you for grad school and your POI(s) interests. Have an elevator speech prepped about your research + interests and possibly look up some interview qs on Google to help yourself prepare. These are the things that helped me!
  9. Can the Utah State poster DM me their POI initials as well? Thank you!
  10. Can the person who got the University of Utah prelim interview DM or post the initials of their POI?
  11. Kent State University. Phone interview is this Thursday!
  12. So excited! I've scheduled a phone interview with a POI. This is my first time applying to Clinical Psychology PhD programs. Does anyone have any tips regarding phone interviews? I'm a bit unsure of what to expect.
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