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  1. Fordham University, Clinical Psychology PhD!
  2. I would also love a PM from the Fordham acceptance poster, if you don't mind! CONGRATS!
  3. - Notre Dame FYI - From the graduate studies coordinator: Each of the faculty are going at their own pace. They will likely be conducting interviews through the beginning of February as the recruitment event is at the end of February.
  4. Could the U Pitt and UCSD/SDSU posters please pm me your POIs if you are comfortable doing so? Thank you!!
  5. Im also interested in learning the UBC in-person interview POI please
  6. Sad to say all interview invites have gone out for Clinical Psych at UC Boulder. I was told to contact the POI for information about waitlist if interested.
  7. I am also interested in the university of Utah POI If you’re willing to share. Thank you!!
  8. I would also appreciate it if the UBC person could PM me your POI initials if you don't mind! Thank you very much!!
  9. Hi! Congrats to the UT Austin poster for your in-person interview. Would you mind PMing me your POI and whether the email was a mass invite?
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