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  1. Thanks for the info! Their website says their interview day is February 7 though.
  2. Invites for Miami of OH and Auburn went out in mid-December.
  3. For clinical? Their interview weekend is January 24-26 and a lot of people were invited back in December. Maybe the coordinator is referring to the interview alternates?
  4. I'm working on arranging an alternate visit day for one school, since they invited me to interview but I'm unable to attend the normal designated interview days. In this case, is expected attire business professional (suits), or less formal? (This is a clinical program in the Southern USA.)
  5. If I recall correctly, I remember reading that at least one Canadian school (forgot which one) reviews international applicants separate from Canadian applicants. Edited to add: @Su08, I took a look at your profile and I think you may have posted in the wrong forum/thread? This thread/forum is for Psychology applicants.
  6. Could the person who received an *in-person* interview invitation from UBC please PM me your POI? Congrats!!
  7. Has anyone heard from Rutgers (Clinical PhD), or have any info about when we might hear from them? I'm assuming probably sometime within the next 2 weeks?
  8. Wow!! That's cutting it close for a January 31 interview date! (I have another interview that day so I won't be able to attend anyways.)
  9. Keep in mind that checking a bag will require that you arrive at the airport slightly earlier and if you get there too close to departure, a lot of airlines will refuse to check your bag.
  10. Does anyone know if clinical programs in Canada have different dress standards for interviews than American programs? I've basically seen that suits are standard for American programs, but I haven't heard anything about Canadian programs.
  11. I applied to Harvard and haven't heard back yet. I read something on TGC a while back that said that Harvard doesn't do a standard interview weekend? Their admissions process seems to be sort of a mystery.
  12. I don't think so. This also varies by the POI. Most of my in-person interview invitations were not preceded by a phone/Skype interview.
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