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  1. University of Northern Colorado's counseling psychology PhD program! Fellow cohort members- feel free to reach out:-)
  2. Hello! Has anyone received/accepted an offer from SUNY Albany’s Counseling Psychology PhD program? Specifically with PI: JM?
  3. Thank you all for your input! I have talked to a bunch of current grad students and professors as well, and it seems like getting a good RA position is the best idea, but I am currently on a student visa in the US and would only be able to have a job for one year under this visa. Not to mention, getting the work permit is a bit of a hassle as well. That's why I was counting on masters programs as the best alternative for my situation. But I see that the general consensus is that partially funded PhDs are not preferable, especially if it's not a top choice!
  4. Hello all, I recently started hearing back from schools regarding admission decisions for the Counseling Psychology PhD programs I applied to. I received an offer from a partially funded PhD program (funding info pending), and 2 reputable (still unfunded) masters programs after my application got deferred to their masters consideration. For the PhD program, I will be classified "out-of-state" for the full length of my graduate study, which will be ~$22K each year just in tuition. So, I am wondering if I should do a masters instead, strengthen my research and clinical experiences,
  5. How often should one reach out to the DCT to check your waitlist status?
  6. Anyone hear back from Miami University's Clinical Psychology program post-interview?
  7. Same, I had already purchased a $500 flight ticket that won't even be refunded or credited in any way.. I'm so disappointed and I don't even know how to process this
  8. Thank you! Should I reach out to them immediately or give it some time?
  9. I wasn't prepared to talk about the future research projects I would like to work on. My research interests were really broad, and I found myself not able to articulate what exactly I wanted to research.
  10. Hey all, this cycle I applied to 11 programs for clinical or counseling psychology and received 6 interview invites so far, which was a good number for me. However, after finishing 4 interviews, I found out that I have been waitlisted from 2 of the ones I really like and rejected from 1. I think one of the reasons for this might have been because I didn't show diligence or self awareness that a prospective grad student should have, especially about research. In short, I don't think I prepared for them well enough. I still have 2 interviews to go and I have already started preparing for them, b
  11. The faculty members of Texas A&M University are meeting right now to finalize the new cohort!!! Good luck to all applicants:-)
  12. Literally Lane Bryant’s winter sale saved my interview season! Not sure if they are still having one, but their clothes are great quality and look good on curves. Also, if you are like me and struggle with wide feet, Zappos has a great selection of wide width professional shoes. Hope this helps and you got this!!
  13. To the SIU Carbondale Counseling Psychology poster, would you please DM me your POI? Thanks!
  14. What is the best location to have a Skype interview? Will a desk in the bedroom be too informal? Or it is better to go to a library?
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