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  1. I'm on two waitlists and the rest are likely rejections due to no interviews. The waiting is excruciating while halfheartedly putting together a backup plan.
  2. Yeah the waiting is excruciating for sure. I still have yet to hear back from a program I interviewed at the end of Jan! Others have gotten offers, waitlists, and rejections from the program so I'm really confused. I also caved and emailed and am waiting anxiously for a response.
  3. Poster who was rejected from USF: you said you heard back from you POI that offers were sent out. Was that all offers in the program or just for your POIs? Sorry about the bad news
  4. I found out I was waitlisted mid Feb, so I'm waiting until mid March to reach out unless something significant changes on my CV.
  5. USF poster who was rejected post-interview: can you please DM me your POI? Thank you so much and I'm really sorry about the bad news
  6. Thanks for the reminder!! I interviewed but my POI was not in attendance for the second interview weekend, so I figured she might be making her decisions earlier.
  7. Those rejected from University of South Florida: was this post interview? was it a mass rejection or from POI? Please DM me! Thank you!!
  8. Thank you for the additional clarification! That's what someone else said too. I definitely don't want to confuse anyone or add additional stress. I just assumed based on what people were saying from last year, but it was a little confusing that they would email and say that decisions could go out mid Feb if the interview is also mid Feb.
  9. Harvard applicants: can someone who has been in contact with their POI share a little info on the situation?? The several posts about the significant cut in spot availability are making me worried now that two different POIs are no longer taking students... I applied to JW. Has anyone heard from him?
  10. Thank you for the info!! Yeah, this is really confusing if she's saying that they send decisions as early as mid February and that they begin interviews in February but there's also an in person weekend mid February? It must be different per POI
  11. Hi! I don't think you should give up hope yet!! There's still some time before Feb 6, and there's still a possibility after that, since I'm pretty sure Harvard doesn't do interview days, so they probably have more flexibility with extending interviews.
  12. I'm pretty sure UIUC doesn't do an in person interview day, so faculty are kind of reaching out at their own pace. No, I didn't get anything specific. Here's the full email: "Thank you for your inquiry. I can tell you that the admissions faculty are currently reviewing all of the applications. Typically, they will begin interviews in February and we will send letters of notification as early as mid-February and as late as mid-March. Due to the fact that we have many faculty who need to review many applications and each have various obligations to their current students, research, and cour
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