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  1. Thanks for these perspective, guys. @PsyDuck90 Thanks for the reality check @UnmotivatedNeuroApplicant So you're saying it doesn't really add anything? @kineto is having me lean towards keeping it off the statement. It could potentially raise red flags and I guess it could be perceived as too picky (in a bad way). I don't want adcoms to think that I think I'm destined. I think the tone could be better conveyed if I meet the interview stage, at which point I would be honest and tell the truth and say why it was the only program. Any thoughts?
  2. Does anyone know if one should avoid saying a program is the only one their applying to?
  3. It's genuine. I am applying to only one program (not looking for wide net or safety school arguments, thanks though!). What do you guys think of this? Adcoms probably won't care, but do you think POI would? Would it be a KOD?
  4. Just don't report it if you get a bad score! Most schools are making it optional or not even accepting it entirely!
  5. Is your 3.9 for your BA or MA? Because 3.9 undergrad GPA can put you in the top 20 programs across the types of psychology for sure!
  6. I'm not sure if you know this year, but GREs are being omitted (or optional) for many psychology graduate programs this cycle. So if you plan on applying this year, I would focus your efforts on your personal statement and the rest of your application. Hope that helps with your stress... maybe you can get into a graduate program without reading a single reading comprehension passage 😛
  7. anecdotally, as someone who has spoken with successful matriculates about the "flirtation" of pre-application interviews, there are two pieces of advice that stuck with me. 1. don't count your chickens before they hatched. even if YOU feel interviews went well, these PIs are also being approached by highly qualified applicants that are also trying hard to establish a personal connection. from what i heard, i would really only say establishing a "personal connection" helps if you 1) score a RA position to work with the POI before the cycle, or 2) find out you two have a common connection i
  8. Yep I've heard of people getting the "cold shoulder" from initial emails, follow-ups, and even post-interview thanks and STILL get in. You just never know. Plus with the pandemic... well, that speaks for itself. I think I'd reach out if you wan't to get a fall RA position, but if it's for grad school I'd wait until sept-oct
  9. Thanks! From your post, you've been here for a bit. What's the consensus on student pubs (e.g., undergrad journal)? Are they seen as equals to poster presentations?
  10. If you don't mind me asking, what ranking school asked for more posters and what are your pub stats?
  11. Out of curiosity, is anyone applying to quant programs with a firm goal to prepare themselves for a clinical PhD program?
  12. Depending on where you are, have you been reaching out (and had success) to labs at your university in the fall? I'm from Ontario, Canada (pandemic isn't so bad) at a stage 3 municipality and haven't had much response from PIs, despite news that research at my university is starting up again. Probably their major backlog.
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